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Amy- I've heard that drinking rrl can be compared to lifting weights... you see the greatest effects when you do it on a regular basis for a while. I think if you start now you can at least get the nutritional benefits, and probably many of the toning benefits too. And there's certainly something to be said for the placebo effect!! Yes you can do rrl plain. I think some people like to add other stuff for taste and added nutritional properties. I used to throw fresh...
I really feel like this baby would be just fine if he was born right now, so that's another part of it. I think it may even be easier for him (and for me) if he was born a little smaller than 12lbs. All I'm waiting on is my pool, which should have been here thursday, and then there's nothing else I really need to do or stall for! I'm really curious to know if some people are 'ready' for a long time before they go into labor or maybe if mindset has something to do with...
Last time I never felt like I just wanted ds *out* even when I passed 42 weeks. I didn't really mind, although my mw's did. After trying every "natural" induction method under the sun, they dropped me at 42w+3 days because of "insurance reasons" and they told me my only option was to go into the hospital for induction. Heh. So I don't really know what it's like to go into labor on my own, and part of me is scared that I won't. The problem with that is this time I feel...
Ok we're still at the 9 person mark... I think we've got just about everyone who wants to participate. 9's a good number, not too much shipping, but let's do 2 good sized beads or 3 smaller ones to make it fit around a necklace! Sound good to everyone? I'll give it today yet to see if we can make it an even 10 and I'll post the list tomorrow!
last time I went all out and made the guest room into a full out jungle for the birth. plants, the pool, dark fabrics, it was kinda like a birthing cave! This time we're in a much bigger place (3 bdrm. house vs. 4 room apartment) and I really have no preference over where to set things up. I want the pool to go on the porch, but that's about it. If it's raining it will go under the covered part of the porch or come inside and I guess I'll decide then which room to put...
I've been having lots of ctx too, I'm also 34 weeks. Can you check your cervix to see if they're doing anything?
: I can also see them taking the "more likely to need a hysterectomy" thing and flailing that around.
I don't know if I'm going to the right place... but I can't find any patterns, just ads for ebay and jo-ann fabrics and stuff like that when I click "sewing patterns" (at www.crafters.org) After clicking some other buttons I started to get ads for vasectomy reversal... Maybe the site is down?
probably a silly question but can you pre-register at a hospital if you're not seeing an ob there for the prenatal care? We're only going to transfer if it's an absolute emergency, in which case it would be really helpful to cut out as much confusion as possible. I doubt we'd actually need it but it's kind of a ducks-in-a-row thing.
Congrats on your beautiful birth and healthy baby!
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