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no luck here either. I was really hoping I wouldn't go over this time.
welll we just bought a new bed and I'm kinda freaking out here... all 4 of us will be sleeping in it. We also got an expensive mattress protector (waterproof) that doesn't feel like you're laying on plastic, and in that one article it says not to use those. I wonder why? I really don't want to sleep on drop-cloth plastic, yuck, but I guess I'll have to talk to dh about it now.
Hopefully any day now!!! I feel that the safest place for me and my baby is at home. After lots of research, rupture isn't any more concern (meaning I don't fear it actually happening) to me than prolapsed cord or any other rare-but-serious complication. Lots of people don't understand that repeat c/s is more dangerous than VBAC, and that a VBAC is safest and most likely to "succeed" when it's a HBAC or (my opinion) UBAC. No drugs, stimulants, nervous attendants, etc....
I just found this in Ina May's Guide to Childbirth: "Incidentally, the prostaglandins in semen have never been associated with hyperstimulation of the uterus, more-painful uterine contractions, fetal distress, or ruptured uterus." So I guess that's that.
I did do it, but I think I put my "junk" email address that I hardly ever check (because it's filled with junk) so I don't know if I ever got my personalized affirmations. It didn't matter because just filling out the forms and thinking about the questions was very helpful and guiding for me.
Awww! DS was 12lbs. and I loved how strong and healthy and squeezable he was... I can see that in her, too. She's adorable.
that's so funny, we've been having a terrible drought but it's finally broken with tons and tons of thunderstorms, intense humidity (tomorrow's heat index predicted to reach 115!!) My mom's family raised buffalo and she told me that they always had their babies in thunderstorms like this. I would like to have my birth pool outside, but I'd take whatever I get!
So I read somewhere that one dose of prostaglandin gel (like Cervadil) is roughly equivalent to three "doses" of semen "applied" within 1/2 hour. Since I've had a c/s I know I have to avoid prosaglandin induction like the plague, but does that mean I should also be avoiding sex? Of course we're not going to do it 3x in 1/2 hour, but even once would be like 1/3 dose of the prostaglandin gel. I've been having lots of bh's and losing my mucous plug so I'm thinking it won't...
I've been having this also, it's been worrying me too because of the whole thought of not being able to move during labor. And the constant pain even while laying down is reeeeeally draining. I started seeing a chiro that I found on the icpa4kids website, and that combined with the stretches is helping. I don't have insurance at all so thankfully they're giving me a discount... it's still hugely expensive, but it'll be well worth it to escape the constant pain and...
well here it's 2 for 4... the beads had rubbed a hole right through of one of the envelopes and another was broken, but it's nice to get the thought anyway! Hajenkatt- your VBAC is going to go great, don't worry! There's still more beads to come... hopefully. Which reminds me- if anyone hasn't mailed beads yet, try to do it this week because as I'm sure everyone knows, babies are going to start coming left and right! Yay!
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