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well even if I would have used her name... it's all true so what's the big deal? People can decide for themselves if cutting down on water intake in the middle of the summer is a good idea for a pregnant woman. They can google it and see that it's unfounded advice. They can see that dietary changes need to be made instead. Then they can make their own choices if they should happen to find out who this midwife is. I wasn't done discussing my issue and I really resent...
I don't get it, did I say something wrong? :
I hope nobody is worrying about what their blessings look like, I didn't mean to say they had to be a certain way, I was just trying to give ideas! : I think hand written is lovely and personal and I'm sure everyone's will be beautiful and meaningful. Thanks so much to everyone who is doing this! DH was supposed to mail mine at the grocery store early this week, but I just saw yesterday that he didn't so I just did it yesterday. Hopefully they get there soon!
: Woo HOO! I'm so happy for you and your family! You're an inspiration to a fellow huge-baby grower! Can't wait to hear the details! baby girl!
Aw no way! I was just wondering last night how you were doing and if your little one was on the way/here yet! I'll be sending lots of positive thoughts and hoping you'll be holding that sweet babe soon!
no need for apologies, that was just a suggestion! I'm sure yours are lovely and even more personal because they're handwritten. I wanted to make sure mine were legible so I had to print them out DH was amazed at all the different places they were going, I gues he and his brother used to vacation with his dad in Incline Village every summer!
I've been looking into programs to learn medical transcription, it seems like the only thing I could really do and feel comfortable that I'd be making a steady income from home. There's a program at our local tech but I'm wondering how hard it is to actually find a telecommuting job doing medical transcription? Anyone try it?
Well I emailed her yesterday and she called immediately... only talked to dh, not to me odd because we usually both have to talk. But anyway, she's not coming. She had "forgotten" that my due date is the 10th and when dh told her it just wouldn't work she was completely fine with it. DH acted a little miffed at me "well you got your way, she's not coming." but it'll all blow over. Thanks everyone for your support
sorry ibex, you didn't pm me your address so you didn't get on the list. I think people are already sending their stuff out so it's probably too late. I'm sorry
Well the berries can't hurt but I don't think they have the same things as the leaves. Maybe? I wish I could put some up, they don't last a minute once ds sees them!
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