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thank you. I think my mother is starting to understand and the pressure is easing off.
Another RRL success story! http://www.mothering.com/discussions...51#post5509851 On another note, I just realized that the patch I've been harvesting my rrl from is now fruiting, and to my dismay I'm seeing both raspberries and black caps! Ah well, maybe black cap leaves have some nice health benefit, because I've probably been drinking black cap leaf tea too!
Congrats! Welcome Sebastian, and hooray for RRL!
Quote: Originally Posted by jmcqabigler it just took a few seconds to unwind him before we brought him out of the water. Another reason why I love waterbirth! It seems like it would be fairly easy to let a baby roll out of the cord while being supported by the water.
thank you! Ok now I feel better. She just wrote me an email about her trip so it's the perfect opportunity for me to say no. I would love to go visit up there but her husband is an abusive lunatic and it's too expensive (not to mention a whole entire day of travel) to get up there. I think she could do something to get off at a better time, I mean she has come up with weeks when her parents needed her in Seattle, but that was more health-related so I don't know. DH did...
First of all, I do not like my MIL. For many reasons I don't want to go into now or this post would be 10 pages long. She's a teacher at the U of Alaska and can only get away (this time of year) during a few weeks in august. So she decides that she wants to come on Aug. 12th, 2 days after my due date. Last time I went way overdue so I might still be pg then or giving birth then. I do NOT want her around when I'm 'overdue', laboring, or trying to establish a relationship...
after a very long hospital-induced labor, I started to lose it and scream at the top of my lungs. At this point dh left me to go find one of the midwives (they technically had to drop me because of postdates, but one of them stayed around the hospital to kinda be my doula) and when he came back with her, she takes one look at me- sideways on the bed on my knees and chest with my face down smushed against the wall, screaming my a$$ off, and goes "that's not normal, she...
My mw's started 'natural' induction techniques at 40w and dropped me at 42w because of insurance reasons. I went into the hospital for a terrible induction at 42w 3d and ended up with a c/s at 42w 6d. I wish I would have been given the option to wait because I would have, for sure.
sorry you and your family are having such a difficult time. Not too much longer and you'll be able to watch your newest blessing peacefully sleeping.
OMG I really am nuts sorry everyone I guess I moseyed on into the wrong ddc!
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