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I know, what's up with that! I almost feel like my morning sickness has come back, especially after I take my vitamins or if I get too hot. I actually threw up for the first time during either of my pg's the other day! I'm touchy and crabby and tired too, and everything I look at in the house is dirty and stinky, even stuff I've just cleaned. I've started using bleach for the first time in my life. EVERYTHING is getting bleached. It's nuts! Good thing there's only a few...
I used a soy protien powder last pg and would never do it again. I was getting way too much protein and I think it contributed to ds growing bigger than he would have if I would have just followed a balanced diet and gotten my protien from my foods. He was massive and weighed 12lbs. And after reading lots of iffy things about soy, I would go for anything but soy powder if you're going to supplement. There are counters online where you can enter the exact foods you eat...
we planned a homebirth for our tiny upstairs apartment. We alerted our landlords (who lived downstairs) and asked if the floor could handle the birth tub and they were just fine with it. my mw's said all you need is running water and a phone and you're good.
with the hospital we're closest to, you have to go through security and up 2 floors to get to the 'birthing center', where as the ER is just right there. We don't have a cell phone either so we might not have time to call to alert them. I don't know, but it just seemed to me that the ER would be easier to get to, check in, and get to the OR.
What an adorable baby! Congrats! I also want dh and ds to help me catch the baby, we'll see if it works out so well!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful birth story! I'm also planning a HBAC and that's the tub I'll be using
That's the most beautiful birth story I've ever read. Thanks so much for sharing it. And thanks for appreciating your beautiful birth!
I was worried about this too, but after reading up on it (and the posts in this thread, thanks Pamamidwife!!) I'm not sweating it anymore. Before I started hearing horror stories it didn't even occur to me that it would be a problem, I just figured it was normal and the baby would 'roll' out of it. After freaking out a little I feel back to normal now
we did kitchen sink for our test run, but the water pressure was so piddly! Maybe the washer would have better pressure, we'll have to try that.
ditto the movies thing, see how they respond to the sounds and images and explain what's happening. DS (3) seems to think it's just normal, even though he's normally really sensitive to noise. My niece was 18m when nephew was born, and she watched lots of videos and was prepared for the birth, she did just fine. Our back up plan is to have ds go to my mom's if he's upset, but only because I can't have my mom near me when I'm laboring. She would be coming to get him too, so...
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