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DS has always had this too, although it is redder, like Yin Yang's sounds. I asked our family doc (who is actually a nurse practitioner) several times if it could be an allergy and she always says "no, it's just dry skin" I don't buy that for a second. We tried an elimination diet a year ago but didn't get anywhere. Would going to a naturopathic doc help? Or what about allergy testing?
that's just gross. what did these creeps do before the internet?
We've coslept with ds (3) since he was born, and we're now trying to figure out a sleeping arrangement for when ds2 is born. DH has decided that he is going to start sleeping in one of the spare bedrooms with DS and I hate this idea. It would leave me alone with the baby, not that DH has ever ever done any nighttime parenting (he's great during the day but sleeps like a rock!) but I want to snuggle both my boys! And DH works long overnight shifts (works out to about 10 per...
I use liquid kelp as a foliar spray, and you can really tell after you spray. Fertilizing plants makes them healthier- they can resist disease and insects more and they will give you a bigger, more nutritious harvest. We work compost/manure into our beds and hay mulch on top and use the liquid kelp spray to fertilize. It's important to have a good, rich, loose soil and also to have the nutrients for the plants to thrive.
DS turned 3 in April and we've been getting a lot of pressure from my family (or should I say mother) to put him in some kind of preschool program this fall. I'm sure my feelings are obvious as I've posted this here My mother has VERY strong socialization issues, like big issues that caused her to push me and my brothers very strongly to have more friends, be more "popular" and not appear to be socially inept losers in her eyes. She's like obsessed with it and it was...
after sitting in the fishy pool and our good-sized tub, I'd say the $15-$20 is well worth it. Soft, comfortable, big enough to float and use any position. It's a great deal.
I'm planning on letting our dog (a mellow female boston terrier) and our old cat just be around unless they start bugging me! I think they'll just want to check out what's going on, and they might be a comfort. My cat especially seems to sense what is going on with me and she's always beside me if I'm upset. I want ds there unless it's too much for him, and since the animals are like members of the family the same goes for them!
umm... hope I don't get in trouble for admitting this, but ds usually slept on his tummy (and still does at 3 yrs. old.) He also slept with us and I'm a very very light sleeper (still does) so I wasn't too worried about SIDS. He just has always liked sleeping on his tummy and it's hard to say no when that's the only way they can get any rest! I'd say cut out all the other SIDS risks (like smoking, pillows/blankets, etc) for sure, and don't worry too much about it if...
When I was pg with ds1, DH and I did research and talked about this and decided we would let the child decide. There is someone in my close family who had the operation done as an infant and it was the wrong choice. "She" looks like a boy, dresses like a boy, and is a lesbian, although she just wishes she could be a boy period. It's a terribly hard choice to make, I think so hard that it can't really be made by the parent.
Baby's birthday: July 24th Sex of baby: Boy Weight of baby: 8-ish Length of labor: 6 hours I'm really hoping for a smaller baby, gestation length, and labor length than last time (induced at 42w 3d, 30+hr labor, 12lb ds) We'll see!
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