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OMG, I need to make that soup!!
I think we are going to go for three-across in our Prius instead of looking for a larger vehicle.  Google Images was very helpful for seeing how it can work!   We do infant seats for newborns and move up to a convertible at about 6-7 months.  Living in Arizona, it is nice to be able to bring the carseat inside wherever we are going so it can keep cool...especially with when this baby is due!   As for lunches, I LOVE salads and collard wraps.  Both are great vehicles...
Sorry to hear that so many of you are sick and/or sick of Winter.  I send healthy vibes and some of my Arizona warmth your direction!    I'm so excited about my GD test.  This is my third pregnancy with the same Birth Center midwife group, but this is the first time I have been given the option of a meal instead of the gross glucose drink!  It's still more sugar than I normally eat (4 tablespoons of jelly on a PBJ!), but I will still take it.  Also, I have 30 minutes to...
I hope everyone is feeling well again soon!  Being sick while pregnant sucks.  My 3yo and I were sick right before Christmas and all he wanted was me, but all I wanted to do was lay down in a dark room.  May that be the last illness of this pregnancy!   Our anatomy scan is this Friday and I'm worried that I might accidentally find out the sex.  I used to assist in ultrasounds (for animals, though) back when I worked pre-kids so I can discern what things are pretty...
@manysplinters , I have two boys and I have already started to get comments about it being a girl.  Technically, since the day DS2 was born, perfect strangers have been telling me "oh, don't worry.  The next one will be a girl!"  I'm not worried, thanks!  This baby already IS a boy or girl, we just don't know which yet and I find it rude that everybody thinks that the outcome is important to their life.  I'm growing a person, not just a set of genitals!
I've been away from the DDC for more than a month now and I'm trying to catch up!  Hello again to everyone.  :)  We've been out of town a lot and I started a work-from-home business that has kept me busy.  But I'm 17 weeks now and I can't wait to get back to all the DDC fun.  Hope everyone else is doing well!
The reason I ask people about their plans on circumcision is because allowing DS1 to be circumcised is my biggest life regret to date.  And then I tried to hide my feelings about it when my sister had her son and now she regrets having my nephew circ'ed as well.  I just bring it up because I don't want anyone else to live the the painful regret that I have!
I'm willing to chat more not I know there really is a baby in there!  I had been hesitant to believe because I feel so NORMAL, but my MW actually found a heartbeat last week when I was barely 9 weeks.  I was floored!  She said I was measuring a little big though, so she sent me to get a dating ultrasound too.  Now I've seen the baby (we're calling it "Sprout") and he or she is cute already!  Measuring right on track though, so I get to keep my 5/27 due date.   I hope my...
Glad you joined us, Amber!  
I'm getting the MaterniT21 done next week because with two other children, I want to know what I need to prepare for!  Can you opt-out of finding out the sex of the baby?  I really don't want to know until the baby is born and I don't like the idea of the information floating around in my file somewhere with the possibility that I might find out!
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