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Try using less yogurt or try just soaking in whey or lemon juice is good too. Unfortunately just water does not do the same thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by joanna0707 What brand is the powdered multi? I use a brand called AOR- I give her 1/4 a scoop. http://www.aor.ca/html/products.php?id=57
Quote: Originally Posted by AllyRae We don't do any supplements in the summer because they get loads of sun, fresh fruits, and fresh veggies. In the other months of the year, they take a food-based multivitamin, probiotics, and vitamin d. We tried doing the fish oil thing, but they don't really like it, so I do a lot of seeds and baking with grains/seeds that have high omega 3 contents. Just FYI the omega's in seeds is totally different then...
DD is 3 1/2 We do carlsons cod liver oil (1 tsp for her 1tbsp for me) vit. k2 drops (I use innovite brand) vit. d (she gets about 1000IUs combined w/ the cod liver oil) I also do a really awesome powdered multi and or a greens supp. in her kefir shakes. I usually just do kefir for probiotics but sometimes I will supplement. Sometimes vit. C. When sick we do homeopathic s, colloidal silver, animal parade zinc lozenges, and an elderberry tincture for kids.
I give DD sheeps milk- it's from a local farm but it is gently pasteurized. I also give her raw organic grass fed cows milk when I can get it. She loooves her milk and digests it well- she is 3 and I feel good knowing she has a had a glass or 2 of high quality milk a day. It can be full of many nutrients and honestly 3 can be a picky age- I have friends who dont really do milk but I'm not sure the kids are getting enough fat or calcium (they eat a very SAD diet). I dont...
Why are you afraid of butter? I would and DO put grass fed butter on everything for my DD. Brain food
Fruits and veggies really shouldn't be the focus of a toddlers diet IMO. From what I understand it is much more important that we focus of high fat nutrient dense foods IE grass fed whole dairy (butter, yogurt, milk), fatty pastured meats, egg yolks, coconut products (milk, oil), avocado... Fruits and veg are wonderful but applesauce w/ cream is better than just applesauce, cooked broccoli w/ butter is better than plain steamed broc... etc....
I happily offer my daughter cheese. We most often eat organic raw mild cheddar!
Have you looked around to find a better price for eggs? 7 dollars a dozen is a lot for eggs- even farm fresh. I live in Calgary, Alberta and food is NOT cheap but I have found great eggs for 4 dollars a dozen- I was paying 5 previously and i get mine at the farmers market. Have you looked into buying some off someone with backyard chickens?
Smoothies? They can be very simple with frozen fruit (I freeze banana's in chunks- I usually do banana/berries), yogurt or kefir and milk/water. You can add things like egg yolks, protein powder, chia seeds, bee pollen but if you keep it simple it would be something he could make himself. Spouted bagels and cream cheese, grilled cheese, homemade bars/muffins with fruit and milk on the side.
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