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I don't think she needs anything yet. I think she might need some bigger sweat pants for ds whenever he gets out of the hospital, but I'm not sure just yet.
I'm not sure where I should put this, so please move it if you need to. I just wanted to post that Emilie's ds (who is 3) was in an accident at Pre-K yesterday. He fell from a scooter and broke his femer bone. He is having surgery this morning and will be casted from his hip to his ankle on the broken side, and from his hip to his knee on the unbroken side with a bar seperating his legs. From what I got from our short phone call this morning, Em is understandably...
I'm trying to call you to find out how it went. Where are you?
Quote: Originally Posted by Emilie I almost can not believe it myself. Alaina Rennae was born at 1:23 am Monday the 28th. She weighed in at 8lbs9oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. I Emilie So I can't spell!! :
Hi all! I just got off the phone with Emilie and I am proud to announce that Elena Renee was born, at home, at 1:30 am this morning. She weighed 8lb 9oz..no word about length. Emilie sounds great, very tired, but very happy. She said her labor was much easier this go round than with DS. Congrats Emilie & family!
Girl, you know I think you're nuts...but not for wanting to go all AIO's! They seem to make "those clothes you are addicted to" fit a little better. Not so much of a diaper booty!
...and now you know why I stopped frequenting here when ds practically trained himself. It's just sad! At least you still have Jack....and you can help me build my nb stash now!!!
Yep, that's the stuff!
I think it depends on why she wants to CD. If it's to save $$$ then give her the prefold route. Otherwise, just give her the link to MDC! It's where I learned all about the different diapering options.
So beautiful!
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