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This might help you, has some legit and non-scam suggestions: Legit and Scam-Free WAH Job Ideas
Just wondering if anyone is in this situation.. Since my son was about, oh, 2 months old, I have consistently nursed him while online - just using the boppy pillow latch him on, and voila, I'm doubletasking! I search the internet, he gets fed! He is now 2 years and 1 month, and he has been fed about 90% of the time at the computer, occasionally in bed or watching TV. When he was about 4 months old, he even whimpered to be fed when he saw the computer!!!!!!! Am...
When the children got older, like around 2 or so, I would try to have one-on-one mommy time with them - like take them to get an ice cream or to the playground. Probably is, my hubby would be stuck with the rest of them at home!
Yes, I think so. One time my little boy woke up from a nap and said "Harrion night night" - he has a friend named harrison and I think he dreamed about him.
Hi - I think it was around 2 months or so but I can't completely remember. I personally didn't walk till 18 months and I didn't have surgery or anything like that. If she's cruising, I'm sure she'll be walking very soon!!!!!!!!!
Hi - I'm sure you've already tried this, but have you gotten new toys, bathtub fingerpaints, etc. I just thought I'd mention it just in case. Also, I'm not one to bribe really, but I think it'd be okay in this situation. I'd see nothing wrong with bribing him with a small treat to get him in the bathtub. I wish I had some great advice but I don't
Just wanted to share this with y'all!!!! Scratch 'n Sniff Watercolor Recipe It's fun for a rainy day, or just any day!
If anyone reads this, who has MF IF to varicoceles, I just to say to not give up! My dh had a very low count (low everything) and had the surgery in Aug 04 - we conceived in march '05 --- he was also taking lots of vitamins, not taking hot baths, etc. Then we conceived again in Nov 07 -- even though we were actually trying not to get pregnant. He wasn't taking any vitamins, took lots of hot baths, etc. then. DON"T GIVE UP!!!!!!! There are lots of success stories...
Hi! I"m a sahm to a sweet little boy! I enjoy socializing, church, and scrapbooking.
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