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I always start bleeding again but at about the one month mark, very similar to a period. I was pissed when it happened after my first, thinking I was going to immediately start my menstrual cycle again despite exclusively breastfeeding on demand. But it's just the one time "period" then I usually get a 6 month break before AF resumes again.
The pain meds I wouldn't be worried about, but the abx might cause some tummy issues. Hope you guys both do Ok with them.
I officially hate you now Taryn, lol! That's pretty awesome. I'm under my pregnancy weight but my hips are still wider than they were before. I can get my jeans on but they're not super comfy.
Yay, congrats! I'm so happy you finally have your baby boy here! I can't even imagine how hard it must've been waiting for him to make his arrival. I really admire your patience and trust while waiting. And wow, mama what a big boy you grew!
Another first today, I put DD in a disposable diaper! I got a diaper cake at my shower because they didn't know I was using cloth and that thing had five dozen diapers in it! I put some in the diaper bag for out and about. Today was the first time we've been out long enough to need to use one. Her butt feels so tiny in a disposable compared to a cloth diaper!
I'm using the very light brownish spotting I'm still having as an excuse not to. With the way the baby does her 20 minute on, 20 minute off cluster feedings most of the day and especially in the evening I'm just not in the mood for anyone else to touch me. Plus, she refuses to sleep in her bassinet for more than like 10 minutes.
Roisin, it's probably a combination of what sgnorton and Lida have said, she's needing some more mommy time and now there's more milk to enjoy (supply usually drops during pregnancy, right?) I'd still give her access but try to set some limits on when she can have it. I really wish it was safe to keep DD in the sling while in the car. She'll be nice and snug and happy (and asleep!) in the sling while we're out, then I have to take her out to put her in the car seat which...
I've been wondering about her too. I hope she's resting and taking care of herself (and hopefully her new baby!)
It definitely varies. I only remember it happening the first few months with DD1. I can't really say with my middle two as I was EPing so on a very regular pumping schedule. But I have a friend who has been EPing for 19 months now and still leaks. I really need to just buy disposable pads. Today DP and I were at lunch and I leaked through my cloth pad and my shirt...it'd only been like 1.5 hours since I'd last nursed too!
I'll be four weeks post partum tomorrow and I'm still spotting which is odd for me. I usually only bleed for the first two weeks tops. I'd like to start some easy exercises but I'm afraid I'll start heavier bleeding again.
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