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I'll be four weeks post partum tomorrow and I'm still spotting which is odd for me. I usually only bleed for the first two weeks tops. I'd like to start some easy exercises but I'm afraid I'll start heavier bleeding again.
We still only get 2-3 hour stretches of sleep, no matter what time of day it is. The five hour sleep was a one time thing. It's probably because she's so little still. I don't think she weighs more than 7.5 lbs yet so I'm assuming she needs to eat more often than a bigger baby would. Roisin I hear you on the leakage. It's only my left side that does it but I'll leak through my cloth nursing pads. I'm debating going and getting some disposable ones but I don't remember...
Yay for bloody mucus! Fingers crossed that today's the day you meet your little one!
DD will usually take a nice long 3 hour nap during the day and my boobs start to hurt. Now after about two hours I'll pump a little bit to relieve the pain plus she'll get to the hindmilk sooner when she nurses again.
Wow, 6-8 hours?! Amelia slept for 5 hours the other night and my boobs were so sore! I'm good with at least one night waking.
I've been keeping you in my thoughts Jenny. I hope you're holding your baby boy very soon.
My baby girl is 3 weeks old and I've been pumping since about day 3 because I'm planning to donate my extra milk. I'm not sure how much I should keep as a back up freezer stash before I donate the rest. At this point I'm not planning to return to work and if I'm going out without baby (in the distant future) I figure I can just keep what I pump that day in the fridge instead of freezing it right away. What is a good amount of frozen milk to keep on hand?
Tonight I tried the swaddle blanket in the car seat and we've had Ok results. She only fussed a little when I buckled her in. That's always what starts the screaming. She doesn't like it when I tighten the straps. After I got the straps tight I swaddled her then rocked the seat a little and she calmed right down. Hopefully this keeps working. I haven't left the house in four days because I didn't want to put her in the car seat.
All of my cloth diapers have poop stains in them, but they feel and smell clean when I take them out of the wash. I have an front load HE machine and I was worried about not getting the diapers clean as I've read other people have that problem with HE machines. First I run a rinse only cycle with cold water, then do the heavy duty wash cycle on hot and set the soil level on high. It automatically does an extra wash and rinse. What type of detergent are you using? Are you...
I don't worry about keeping DD on her back. I can't keep her sleeping that way. As soon as I lay her down she rolls herself onto her side. She spits up a lot so I'd rather have her on her side where it comes out vs on her back she ends up choking on it. Taryn, sorry things aren't going well right now. I hope your supply is able to keep up with you LOs needs. Today DD has been really fussy. The only way she's happy is if she's nursing or I'm holding her. I haven't been...
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