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Fingers crossed Opheliajoy! Hopefully you're holding your baby soon.
I used a ring sling all the time with DD1 (it was the only kind of sling I could find 10 years ago.) I always put her in in a cradle hold position. She looked kind of squished but never fussed so I assume she was fine. I haven't pulled it out to use it yet with the new bean. I've put her a pouch sling but I like holding her in an upright position. It doesn't feel like she's secure enough in the pouch way.
I'm liking baby k'tan so far. It feels more supportive being over both shoulders than just my ring sling. I can usually get it on and positioned right without having to put DD down. Plus you can put them in for skin to skin time. My only complaint so far is it seems a little big but that could be because she's still itty bitty (under 7lbs) or I need the smaller size (I bought it 4 years ago and I've lost weight since then.)
Is there a lactation consultant you can see? My nipples were getting really beat up, the right one to the point that I had to stop nursing on that side and just pump for two days. A LC came by and it turns out it was a simple positioning problem. I had her too high up when she latched on and she was pinching off part of my nipple. Just that little change has helped so much. The LC also left a nipple shield to protect my nipple while it heals but I can't seem to get it on...
Half the time I just leave the wrap tied on me and wear it around the house for when I need it. I got it from someone on offer up for cheap and it's pretty much brand new.
DD seems to have a very high sucking need. My MW told me at our 3 day pp visit that giving her a pacifier should be fine. It's not likely to cause nipple confusion as there's no food coming from it. Quiet honestly my nipples just couldn't handle the constant nursing so it's been a blessing. It's very obvious when she wants to eat and when she just wants to suck because if she's hungry the paci just makes her mad. Lilac, my baby was still 4 Oz under birth weight at 9 days...
I'm pretty sure people who are rude enough to intrude during the first two weeks are suppose to be servants! At least in my opinion they should be. I really love my Moby wrap right now. It keeps her nice and secure on my chest. The only thing I don't like is having to put it on and take it off. That's a lot of material to deal with. I also like my Baby K'tan carrier. I've figured out how to slip it on while I holding her against my chest and not having to put her down...
Congratulations Taryn and welcome baby Linnea!
Roisin I'm sorry your babymoon has been interrupted. I felt the same way about not wanting anyone here for at least the first week. That's our time with the new baby and other people do not need to interfere. Earhtwalker our older two girls do the same thing, and they're 10 and 7! I try not to snap but it's hard not to sometimes when the baby is crying and they're throwing out "suggestions" on what I should do to make her stop. Jenny, maybe being grumpy and emotional is...
Good luck today Taryn. I hope you're holding your baby very soon.
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