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Lol Taryn, we were just the opposite. Every time DP and I were at the store and saw the Baby's First Christmas outfits he'd ask if we should get one. Of course I'd tell him no, there's no way she'll be here before Christmas. He had to go out and buy one last night I swear just to rub it in that he was right.
Mine would have been Jan 7th which is what the last growth scan had it as. I think baby girl just knew it was time to come out. My fluid was at the lowest level on the normal range at our u/s last Thursday and my mw said the placenta was starting to look "ratty". You could see around the edges where it had separated from the uterine wall. Enough to have caused my bleeding episodes but minor enough to not show on u/s. I'm saving that link in case there's a "next time."
Sorry Taryn, that must be very disappointing. Better to go home thpugh than being subjected to multiple interventions and probably a c/s. It can't be too much longer now for you.
What I was assuming was more prodromodal labor turned out to be the real thing! Miss Amelia (still deciding on a middle name) was born at 3:30 pm, all of 2.5 hours after I told DP this *might* be it. She's 6lbs 12.5 oz and 19" long and just perfect! Daddy and her sisters are smitten with her already. from about a minute after she was born. with big sister Kaelie
Now, my family did take like a week and a half to tell my my nephew had been born but I was in Iraq at the time and to be honest, we're not the best at communitcating when we all live in the same state. One person will tell somebody something and expect it to get disseminated but then it doesn't. Aside from that, the "Is the baby here yet?" drives me insane! Especially when it's close relatives who ask. Do people seriously think you're just going to forget to let them...
Good luck today Taryn!! I hope you're holding your baby soon.   I'm now beginning day 4 of prodromal labor. I woke up at 3 am having more crampy contractions and I was uncomfortable so I got out of bed and came downstairs to sit on my ball and spent some time on my hands and knees. I think she's in a bad position or can't seem to settle into a position and stay that way because I keep feeling her butt move from the left side of my abdomen to the right. I finally went...
Best ofnluck tomorrow Taryn. Hope things go quickly and smoothly with your induction. Lilac, I have my fingers crossed for you! AFM, I think I'm experiencing that wonderful prodomal labor hell. I've been having crampy contractions that are uncomfortable to down right painful since Sunday night, but they're not consistent enough for me to believe labor is close to starting. Plus I think baby is still somewhat high up. I hate to admit it but I'm somewhat happy that our...
Seriously, why does my DP wait until now to go a cleaning/purging/organizing spree? Not that I'm complaining about it, it's stuff I've been asking (nagging) him to do for a while but now that he's finally getting around to doing it he expects me to help. At least it's getting done before the baby gets here.   After reading some of your posts I'm really happy I have a 10 y.o and not a toddler! Good luck to those who are dealing with sleep issues with your little ones.
My DD was born on a full moon, but I'd been saying my whole pregnancy that she'd be born on that day. The other two it didn't have any effect, just one more of those things to add to the list of "stuff that's suppose to start labor but really doesn't"....like spicy food and pineapple.   I'm still super crampy and having a lot of pressure way down low. I'm just uncomfortable and in pain and have no hope of it actually turning into the real deal anytime soon, sigh...
Cool tees! Now I want to do those for our girls.
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