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I second this post entirely.  She took over for the OB who attended my hospital VBAC (Dr Henry- now retired) and is even more pro-natural birth/VBAC than he was.  The clinic name has been changed to Genesis Clinic, FYI.  She is my midwife's backup and they all love her. 
I'm looking for hospital c-section rates, particularly for Del E Webb in Sun City, AZ.  Does anyone have or know where I can get that information?  Thanks!
I live in the River Valley close to the Russellville area and I'm looking for a way of of the agreement me and my husband set up.  We agreed to delay the cp vax until the kids started school... well, my daughter will be enrolling soon and I'm getting down to the wire.  I know it's a long shot, but hey- figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. 
The "Boop Smile."  I'll do spider hands then move in close to his face, touch his nose with my pointer finger, and say "Boop!"  He loves it :)  
Matthew's a month old today.    Here he is at birth-   And here he is now (pics are from today)-  
Quote: St Johns Wort for mood and yellow burdock & nettles or iron- Have a MW friend who is a certified herbalist and she does placenta encapsulation- she made a custom blend for me based off my concerns for after the birth (depression going back to work & anemia).    I did the encapsulation myself.  The dehydration part took 10-12hrs.  The rest took *maybe* 2hrs- it was pretty fast & really easy. 
Pills :)  I got 192 after adding in some herbs to enhance it.      I've felt FABULOUS after this birth so I haven't taken these regularly, but when I get a little exhausted or bluesy, I'll pop a couple and feel better.  These will be most beneficial when I go back to work (in 1 week *sobs*) to help with me being upset over leaving my wee one so young. 
Not sure.  Little man is 3wks and won't go in til he's 2mths (when we do the 1st shot) unless he gets sick before then.  He had mentioned doing the hep b when I was talking to him and was pregnant (took son in for physical) and I was like "No... we delay."  He's cool with me delaying, but I have to be firm.  He wants hep b in a newborn and we delay to around 2yrs.  (follow sears schedule)  He's cool with bfing and for the most part respects my "alternative" parenting, so...
Some of my favs from birth to now (3wks)    
Quote:   Thanks, lol :)  It's from Motherhood Maternity.  I got it as a gift from Amazon.    
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