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I just want to know if you have anymore info form the Neuro... did you also see if you could get a consult with developmental pedi?
I often feel bad for my younger son who seems to have no concerns and way ahead of my 1st son.. I just try to do small things like take him to the store. Spend the extra time cuddles or even staying up a little later for extra mommy daddy time. I thinks it is normal.. I give you a huge hug of support
I am in the north east as well.. Monday _left overs Tuesday - salad Wednesday-pasta salad made in the morning with peperoni in it Thursday- we had crock pot sloppy joes and chips Friday... grilled pizza Thank goodness it is going to break cause just YUCK
We have a very bad heat wave here in the North east US... not safe to be outside long. We will have rain this weekend to cool off.
I wanted to say hi and join your group. My son Patrick was born 12/12/09 6lbs 2oz 19 inches long. I am a special education teacher. I have been using mothering on the special education board for a few months. I am just posting on this board for the 1st time. I hope this is ok?
I second the sleep study... FAS does have sleeplessness issues. I would also ask her GI and Poulminary for ideas about sleep with tube and wires. Melatonin may be an option if she is able to take it safely with all her medical concerns. I it is much like benadryl and very mild. I would also ask if you have have respite support a few nights a week to help with her. Or night CNA to watch her.
Quote: Originally Posted by kittynurse I think I was a bit misleading in my initial post. I used the term mother's helper because I will still be here but really, she is babysitting them. I'm home but I'm going to be busy working on the house and catching up on stuff that I never get done. i would say my set up is the same. I work go to the store or clean. You have to do what best for you. It sounds like things went well.
I have a mothers helper come in 3 days a week 2 hours a day. My son has some unknow issues at the point he is almost 2 and I have a 6 month old. She does games puzzles and often helps me go to the store or swim class. I pay her $10 an hour. The average sitter gets about $5-7 an hour per child in my area. I am with her at all times she is 15 years old. I would go with $10 an hour at this age most teen can't get a job that pays that.
I am going to get a Dx by Sept when DS turns 2 if it kills me. We go back to the Neuro today.. I am comming in what papers. Pictures and trying to get my brother to burn a DVD of movements for over the weekend Can anyone tell me if this is to much or to little or should I be more detalied or less detailed.. (this was in outline form in MS word) sorry if it is out of line here Trouble Planning Movement and Gross Motor Concerns Falling Tripping over...
Children's in 40 min from my house.. They have children come from all over the world to them. I proudly watch them weekly. Though I did have we don't have any heart issues.. The doctor my MGH was the one who saved DH life.
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