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I'm sure puplic pool chlorine isn't good for the diaper...or the baby, but we have used a Happy Heiny pocket (without a liner in the pocket) as a "swim" diaper. My daughter actually pooped while we were swimming...I know, gross. The diaper held it in perfectly. Whew! "Swim diapers" are made to not be absorbent, just to keep poop in.
I use this laundry soap recipe on PREFOLDS - not on synthetic fabric diapers. I think it's fine for cotton and hemp...not for nylon, polyester, etc. I used to use Fels until my grocery store stopped carrying it. Now I just use Ivory (a whole bar) and it works fine. No buildup.
The store needs to be more infomed, yes, but that's so great that some "trend" seekers will maybe be motivated to CD also...hey, whatever it takes. Let 'em think it's the latest new thing!
Dish soap is fine, but you will have to re-lanolize afterward obviously. If it takes out the bacon grease, it'll take out the lanolin too....hmmmm maybe you could "lanolize" with bacon grease. Just kidding.
Fleece would work and so would just plain old cotton terry or a cut up cotton flannel receiving blanket. We don't use zinc cream all the time, but nothing beats it when there's a rash or redness. We use prefolds and a cut up piece of cotton terry rag for a barrier btwn the zinc and the diaper.
I am so sorry for your frustration. Don't give up! It probably does have something to do with the age of your baby. We have gone through a couple of little phases with each kid (we have 4) where the diapering system didn't work as well as at other times. My 2 1/2 year old smells pretty strongly of ammonia after some nights. What we do sometimes is put a zinc based diaper ointment on her bottom (Butt Paste or sometimes Desitin) and then a terry cloth (cut up wash...
Quote: Wool is awesome, but it still needs something really absorbent underneath. The wool itself shouldn't be used in place of a doubler/extra absorbency. Sounds like your system is working! You've found a way to have no leaks! what she said! The wool isn't to add absorption, just to keep the wet from your baby's clothes. We use a hemp flat diaper and a hemp doubler / liner with an Aristocrats...works every time! .
as long as the bacteria is being killed off....ie. very hot water, I wouldn't worry about mixing laundry loads. That is unless there is some super weird virus that one or the other baby has. Pretty much all bacteria will be eliminated if your wash water is 140 or higher.
the gerber regular prefolds are not 100% cotton (don't know about the DSQ ones) The regular gerber prefolds have a synthetic inner layer and it holds a lot of bacteria...yuk! Been there, done that. DSQ prefolds don't have to be expensive and they will last way beyond the store bought ones. Thye are so much more durable. Check out these Green Earth DSQ Chinese prefolds. They are the ones I use and I love them!!!
I don't use a liner....we have always used one of those 5 gal. step trash cans with the hard plastic bucket insert. I just take out the bucket when it's full and dump it into the washer. I clean it out with an antibacterial household cleaner and hot water in the tub and rinse it well to get the chemicals out. Works great and we don't have to use plastic bags.
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