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definitely unbleached chinese prefolds and a wool cover....most economical, most natural, customizable, durable and easiest to keep clean imo.
I wash as seldom as possible! We use wool and dd wears the same 2 covers about round the clock for about 2 weeks before the wool starts to retain odors. A lot of it depends on how soggy I let her prefolds get before changing her.
Here's a site where you can buy toddler snappis if you are still looking.
No need to lanolize in addition to the Eucalan. Enjoy boy #3. I have 3 boys too (and then a girl).
I think hemp is great for nighttime absorbency. We don't use it during the day because it tends to get a little rougher over time. Babies who are mobile might end up chafing a bit. I LOVE hemp at night though! Check out these Hemp "flat" diapers, they are what we use. The time neede in the dryer isn't nearly as long as some of the multi layered hemp products. Because these open up flat, they dry much faster. Quote: You all have convinced me to...
As far as I know they are who they say they are.....but I'm not speaking from a client point of view. (GreenEarthMama donates to them). I don't know how it is to deal with them as a client, but they seem to care about their clients for sure!
yes you can! we use a wool blanket instead of a mattress pad. If you want some extra "waterproofing" wash the blanket in Eucalan wool wash and don't rinse it....ie. just spin it to remove excess water. The lanolin from the Eucalan that remains in the wool will will help it to repel water and keep your mattress clean and dry!
there are about a million patterns....you should google it and see what you get. Otherwise, try this one. I haven't acually done this one myself, but it's on my list of ones to try. Good luck!
It sounds like you might have a problem with absorbency in the diaper or gaps around the legs. Quote: We have one and it's cute for PUL. I don't love it as much as my wool, though, lol. I agree you should try wool. It's wonderful! Our great grandmothers knew something we have forgotten! We use mostly hand knit wool covers during the day and Aristocrats at night....never a red mark. Aristocrats makes a superb wool cover!
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