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Yes, you are right. The velour wipes have 2% polyester in the backing, which gives it more durability. The pile is 70% bamboo 30% organic cotton. Really, you could just get some cotton flannel at the fabric store and make your own wipe fairly easily! Good luck
we use Green Earth prefolds and hand knit wool covers too. I wouldn't recommend using Gerber (PVC) pants.....not too good for baby. I used them on my first couple of kids : because I didn't know ANYONE else who used cloth. Try Aristocrats covers a night. You will love them!
one more vote for hemp prefolds and Aristocrats soakers. That's what we use and we never have had a leak at night since using them!
We use these hemp "flats" from GreenEarthMama . They are really a double layer of hemp fleece which we fold like a prefold. At night we also use another hemp flat as a liner/soake/insert and pins all covered with an Aristocrats wool soaker. This works sooooo well. Hemp fleece tends to stiffen up a bit over time and many washings, but it works great for nighttime and naps when baby isn't super mobile. Hemp fabric is a bit harder to get currently and it has shot up...
I knit my own also but have not tried to felt covers....although I have felted other stuff. I think they would bee too stiff for daytime mobility if they were felted. I have used Lamb's Pride worsted on two different covers that we use 90% of the time. We use an Aristocrats at night but the hand knit ones all day every day! You could add some short rows in the bottom of your hand knit ones to give your covers more oomph if you wanted to.
Zote rocks too. We used to use it when I was a kid and we lived in Mexico. Our local grocery stores carry borax and washing soda in the laundry isle. They used to carry Fels too, but my nearest store discontinued it. You might try to put in a product request at the customer service desk at your store. Hopefully they will accomodate you. If not, I know you can purchase it online....but who want's to pay shipping unless it's absolutely necessary.
Is is this recipe? I have used this one for years now on Green Earth prefolds and all of our clothes for that matter. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. And it's CHEAP!
You might try preemie Green Earth prefolds. Those are very small and cheap too! Here's a link to Green Earth Prefolds
one more thing to check with your HH onesize...make sure the white fleece isn't tucked in around the leg openings when the diaper is on the baby. The fleece should "roll out" a bit rather than be completely tucked in.
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