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You might try Aristocrats wool covers. They are double knit in the rear and do a great job of moisture protection. We use those at night and hand knit ones during the day. It pretty much depends on the cover and how well it's lanolized too.
we use hand knit wool during the day but Aristocrats at night. The Aristocrats is the perfect wool cover. Soft, comfy, bulletproof and stretchy enough to pack a lot of absorbent padding in there! I highly recommend it
any natural fiber diaper should help him to feel wet. Have you considered prefolds? They are cheap and you can get them in large sizes. My store sells them in toddler size but my own daughter is a 2T and wears the regular size. She knows it when she has urinated and of course when her diaper is dirty too. We also have a sherpa diaper that is a fitted and doesn't shield the baby from wetness, yet it is absorbent as the day is long!
The Sherpa fitted works so well for nighttime too. It's made by Happy Heinys. It's pretty thick which makes it a good overnight option.
GreenEarthMama has Happy Heiny trainers that fit bigger kiddos!
Give your prefolds a good "snap" shake just before hanging them on the line. Also hanging in the shade or humidity tends to dry them more slowly and they don't get as stiff. I throw my line dried pf in the dryer for about 5 min and they are much softer. I love the smell of the dipes when they dry outside!
I BF two of my 4 kids (two were adopted and not BF) and cloth diapered all of them. I found that the BF poop didn't stain much and the formula fed did. (It was agony feeding that stuff to my babies). It sort of depends on what diapers you are using. Natural unbleached Chinese prefolds tend to not stain as bad as bleached ones, I don't know about fleece because we always used prefolds when the kids were really young babies. I never rinsed the BF poop at all and used...
GreenEarthMama sells trainers that are basically a pocket diaper with or without snaps. You could use them with or without something stuffed in the pocket depending on what you wanted and what stage your daughter was at. Potty training my first 3 kids, we used the gerber cloth training panties with a cover. It would have been nice to have something all in one piece like the pocket trainers though.
Super hot wash water will kill all the bacteria too. We never have a smell problem with our HE washer on "sanitary" cycle.
I have 2 kids who were super chubby and two who were slim. Prefolds worked for them all with pins and a cover. You can't beat 'em for their versatility!
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