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It does wonders to sanitize also! So cool
Happy Heiny's One size is a good option. We mostly use prefolds too, but we do have HH One Size to use occationally. There are several different ways to wear them and they should fit for a very long time...hopefully until potty training! You can save money if you buy a bunch or 6 or 12 too
Mothering.com members can get 10% off on everything in the store right now...no order minimum. Just enter "MDCdiscount" in the voucher/coupon box when you go to check out. Aristocrats, Green Earth, Happy Heiny's, Chinese Prefolds, Eucalan, Bamboo wipes, Hemp flat diapers, Hemp liners/soakers, Wool covers, Fleece covers, PUL covers, Mama products, Breast pads, etc.
Waterproof "PUL", Polyurethane Laminate is polyester knit fabric laminated with 1 or 2 mil polyurethane on the back
GreenEarthMama sells toddler size prefolds. You can also order X-Large Happy Heinys pocket dipes.
there was a time with my 1st child (around 30 months) and also my 3rd child (about age 3.5) when we put them down for the night at 6 or 6:30 pm. I know that sounds crazy, but the naps were becoming a problem like you describe....a little nap and it was up 'til who knows when. Both of them would get up and be up at 6 or 6:30am. There has also been an adjustment stage for each of my 4 kids between napping and no nap at all. It sounds like you just need to either...
We have math and phonics set for this coming "school year", but I really want to teach scripture memory, Bible history and social studies incorporated together. Any opinions or experience with curricula would be much appreciated. We have a 2nd grader, and 2 first graders.
Quote: I had never heard of this but found it unnerving so I checked snopes.com and thank goodness, it's not true. The frog would hop out of the increasingly hotter pot. *whew* I hate to think about who actually tried it out to see if the frog would jump! Ok, so I'm off the subject a bit...sorry
Does your top loader have a "sanitary" cycle? Ours has a very long cycle, but it heats the water on its own so it gets to about 150 degrees. That does wonders to get the odor out. Other than that, we just use a homemade laundry soap...about 1/2 cup. That's it!
I love prefolds, and have used them on my 4 kids for the last 7.5 years. For twins you would need about 4-6 dozen probably to start. GreenEarthMama has great prices on prefolds and a sale right now too! Prefolds are definitely the cheapest way to go. A word of advice, don't even bother with the ones you can buy at Wal-mart...they just don't last as long and are not nearly as absorbent. I used those when we started out and I was sorry to have wasted so much time and...
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