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It could be that her cover isn't snug enough, but you could also try adding some hemp doublers or use a hemp diaper at night. Hemp is soooo absorbent!
I always pin becaue DD likes to strip naked and she can get out of anything except pins...so far!
I forgot to add that we use wool covers....Aristocrats is great or a hand-knit wool, but there are a lot of great cover choices out there. Just depends on whether you want all natural or if nylon or PUL (poly coated cotton) is ok with you. Good Luck!
I have used prefolds for about 7.5 years now on 4 kids. Congrats on making a great choice. I like Chinese because they tend to last longer than Indian. Indian are a bit softer, but I think Chinese are pretty darn cushie! A newborn will go through 10-14 a day. If you wash every other day, you will need 3-4 dozen. You can buy newborn size prefolds, but you probably can get away with "infant" size. It doesn't hurt to buy as many sizes as there are because you'll be...
You don't need to use sposies. Just find yourself a scrubboard and wash in cold in a basin of water. Use gloves so you don't wear out your hands. Line drying in the sun does wonders to sanitize. You can boil water and heat your wash water...again gloves will allow you to deal with putting your hands in the hot water. We used to live in the boonies with no electricity and running water. That's how we did it.
Quote: This is exactly what I'm talking about. I don't expect people who are just starting to think about or ease into being green to be gung ho about the first two "R's". If they are starting out with recycling only that's great! However, people who I know that have been recycling for years, have a hybrid/scooter, etc, but who look at me as if I've grown a tail and two horns on my head irritate me. You'd think that cloth diapers, cloth napkins, etc wouldn't...
My youngest is 23 months now and we use prefolds during the day and hemp flats, with a hemp tri-folded liner at night. Both get covered with a wool cover. I don't think I would use hemp during the day because of her activity level and the roughness of hemp after a lot of use/washings. It's great at night because she is still and not running wild chasing her big brothers! I have always used prefolds on all 4 kids. Every diaper method has seasons of working better than...
Vinegar is ususally in the rinse to help rinse out any soap. Use it in your dishwasher rinse cup too!
Here's a potentially helpful Snappi link in case you haven't seen it. The rubber flaps can also be pulled over the teeth when you store the snappi so it doesn't snag on stuff. You only need a cover if you want one and if your baby isn't old enough to take the snappi off. If in doubt, try using pins.
Best of luck! They are wonderful covers!!!
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