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Narnia, Magic Tree House and Bobsey Twins fans here too....also Boxcar children. We love Pooh too! All except Narnia have been great for all my kids' ages!
We do "rest" time during our youngest's naptime. The "big" kids have to stay in a room and do puzzles, read a book, leapster, listen to music, etc. We have always done that as soon as the child's nap season ended. Now we do school during naps too sometimes because it's so hard to have relative quiet when our youngest is awake and busy. You just adjust to every new stage in your family's life. Always be willing to change things up a bit to make it a good fit for everyone.
We have a space for school in our "office" room, but most of what we do is at the kitchen table anyway. It allows for all 5 of us to sit and have space and my 2 yr old feels included...although sometimes I want her ex-cluded! At least she can sit at the table and not reach the scissors and microscope.
My hubby is a teacher and I have always stayed home since we had our first. We live differently from most of the people we know, which used to be harder for us than it is now. Our town is mostly affluent and we...well we aren't comparatively. We have such and easy life compared to many other people in the world, though.
Just remember that a clean house is NOT the most important thing in the world! It's nice to have order, but your kids are more important. Do what you can and don't sweat the rest!
We only really need two. I know some people have more, but we use wool covers that are hand knit during the day and Aristocrats at night. We could get away with only one because my daughter is older and sleeps all night.
Prefolds Rule! Had my first 3 kids in diapers at the same time and all three of them wore the same diapers...just pinned differently. I love the natural fibers and the way they smell (when clean). Prefolds are so soft. I even made a stuffed animal out of prefolds once. OK maybe that was a little over the edge!
you pretty much can't beat the natural fiber in a prefold, so soft and cushie!
Grandma Els is ok for cloth diapers. We acutally use a zinc based ointment like Buttpaste or sometimes even Desitin. I just use a small piece of hemp fleece as a liner or sacrifice a cotton terry dish rag and cut in half to use as a barrier btwn, the diaper and the ointment. We do this at night especially now that my youngest is older and sleeps a long time. Sometimes she can be a little bit red in the morning if we don't use ointment...probably due to ammonia.
I would have bought better prefolds and used wool covers from the beginning. We used cheapo covers and cheapo prefolds on 3 kids and ended up buying new prefolds several times. I didn't even know another mother who was using cloth during the diapering of the first 3 kids. We use wool and Green Earth prefolds on #4 and wish we'd have done this all along. We had 3 in diapers at once and prefolds were the best because the same diapers worked on all of them!! I would have...
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