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toss/recycle/compost   2 pairs of DS#1's shoes that were super destroyed 2 deodorants that I'm allergic to   Donate/Give away 30 random toys to the school's spring fair for prizes 1 Hello Kitty mirror to DS#2's friend at daycare   186/2014
I shared a bed with both kids, both slept alone fine by the time they were 4, although my 5 year DS#2 sometimes will call for me for a quick cuddle. 
The only perfect 8 year olds are when the parents are either 1)lying or 2)one of those stepford spouse people who are in complete denial! This sounds like my DS#1 to a T!  I wish I had advice, but I can empathize.
Still putting things together and listing items to sell.  The nice thing about decluttering is finding stuff that you've been looking for, like my favourite pair of sunglasses or the freezer packs for DS's school lunch and snacks!  Also been putting away items that should have been put away ages ago.   toss/recycle/compost 7 food items from the fridge   Give away/Donate 45 items to Goodwill 15 items to consignment 151/2014
toss/recycle/compost   1 broken lightsaber toy 1 pair of broken goggles 4 pairs of underwear old tax stuff(count as 1, although it was several sheets of paper)   Give away/Donate 1 pack of swim diapers to our neighbour 1 almost full pack of Pull Ups to DS#2's daycare 1 ugly Christmas tree 84/2014
toss/recycle/compost 1 can of leftover deck paint, 2 cans of spray paint, 5 bottles of expired medicine, and 1 bottle of nail polish remover from the 90s to the Hazardous Waste Depot 1 jar of expired diaper rash cream 1 loofah sponge 1 T-shirt of H's that should have been thrown out years ago   Give away/Donate   a mei tai sling to H's co-worker   Returned   A poker mat thingie back to H's co-worker 1 pair of shoes 1 skirt   74/2014
toss/recycle/compost   Socks with holes in them 1 pair of broken sunglasses 3 empty boxes 1 car seat 2 envelopes 1 old cell phone to work's recycling program   Give away/Donate 1 too small karate uniform 1 shirt 1 package of candles 58/2014
toss/recycle/compost   Boots with holes in the toes 1 lid to a long gone sippy cup last years valentine's chocolate scary looking cream cheese   Give away/Donate 1 pillow 2 shirts 1 skirt 1 pair of too small pajamas 46/2014
Busy couple of weeks with a trip with the kids and getting back into the work/family routine   toss/recycle 4 empty boxes 3 pairs of underwear 1 pair of holey socks another pile of papers   Give away/Donate 1 sweater   37/2014
I've found a ton of things that I've been looking for, as well as some cleanup.  Also starting to gather items for craigslist/kijiji which I won't count until they are out of my house:   toss/recycle/compost Mystery meat from who knows when 4 frozen bananas 8 random expired items from my pantry 5 pairs of holey socks 2 x world's ugliest pot holders 1 piece of cloth not good for anything 1 bathmat with holes whole lot of paper   Give away 2 tea strainers to my aunt...
New Posts  All Forums: