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Good luck with your hb!! I am sure it will be great : ) other than red raspberry leaf, what are some uterine strengthening herbs!
Where are you doing vbac's?
Thank you for the advice wonderful ladies! I have had other vaginal births. CS was low transverse. Babies would be two years apart. Not thrilled with ultrasound but hb midwives here recommend it to visualize placenta. Do you think rupture rates increase with more than one CS? Just curious.
Thank you!
This is a question I had as well. We read spiritual midwifery and it had a small section on this and so did Polly's birth book.
I think I saw that as well, but I couldn't tell you where. If I remember I'll let you know.
Congrats! Loved your birth story. So happy for all of you.
Congratulations! Beautiful name!!
Yes! I had a vba2c with a 10 lb 12 oz babe! At home.
Thanks for your reply. CS was for FTP. He was in a very bad position. Also, it was stupidity on my part for allowing them to do CS. Thank you!
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