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I wouldn't have had a problem leaving either of my girls at home with a baby at that age, for up to half an hour or so. They would have been capable of getting themselves and the baby out of the house in case of a fire, and would not have answered the door to strangers. More than half an hour...I would start to worry, but they'd probably be fine.
I grew up in Houston and we had 10 minute adult swim every hour. It was annoying at the time, but I understand the need for a break for the lifeguards. We didn't have a ton of guards at our pool and they needed a few minutes to rest and grab a drink, test the pool water, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by carlychan Thanks Reece19! BTW, my son's name is "Reece." Quesadillas and breakfast tacos will work for us. Those are good ideas. It's a good name! Years ago it was a nickname we used for my oldest baby girl.
You could make all sorts of things with them...baked enchiladas (chicken, cheese, avocado, or veggie), quesadillas, breakfast tacos (scrambled eggs and veggies with salsa), bake until crispy and use as a tostada piled up with salad veggies, baked into chips and put in tortilla soup...mmm, I love corn tortillas.
Pussy is a pretty common word in my world. I would be happy enough that my dd was comfortable talking about anything sexual with me and not try to correct her word choice. I would, however, cringe a little (bc I'm not a huge fan of the word) and let her know that some people really hate the word, and if she were talking to her doctor or in mixed company (whatever type of company that may be for her) that she may want to think about what words she chooses. I imagine she...
Quote: Originally Posted by Marnica The TB test is the PPD or Purified Protein Derivative test known as the Mantoux skin test. There are 2 products. 1 is called Tubersol and the other is called Aplisol. They are both compromised of a sterile solution of a purified protien fraction isolated from a culture medium made from human strains of TB. Both tests contain Tween 80 (otherwise known as polysorbate 80) and phenol as perservatives. Both of these...
I have a Maggie Jane. (She's not biologically mine, and her bio father named her - so, the choice wasn't mine). The name suits her perfectly, and I think her name will sound fine when she's a professional woman. So, while I wouldn't have chosen Margaret or Maggie (or the Jane.), I ended up liking it. She has several nicknames...she often goes by Mj.
You should consider getting her off the Iams for a trial. A lot of dogs can't handle corn, and that is the staple filler for most dog foods.
Billie Letts has several books with small town, middle America plots.
I'm glad her aunt is going to make a report. Let her know not to be too surprised if the police won't take a report and tell her to go to CPS first. Most cops know better than to interview a child about sexual abuse and will defer to a forensic investigator. Just take whatever advice they give and make a CPS referral.
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