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Thanks for the welcome all. We do live in rural Kentucky. There are only one group of doctors that come to our town. We can drive to a larger area that is about 40 minutes away but at the time I was unable to make the trip so I used the local health clinic and my niece does the same. She is six and a half months along so she doesn't want to switch doctors. I begged her to let me just drive her to another doctor when she first got pregnant but she wouldn't listen....
Hi,I am new here and I was just curious,did anyone else feel pressure from their Ob/gyn or pediatrician to circumcise their son? My mom was an intactivist mom ahead of her time and she refused to have any of my brothers cut. She had witnessed her nephew being circumcised and vowed it would never happen to her child. She showed me all the information and made me promise not to allow it to happen to my son. As soon as the ultrasound said I was having a boy,the nurses and my...
I'm glad you are feeling better and didn't let them pressure you into getting circumcised. I appreciate the no neosporin tip,my son is intact and I was pressured by the doctor to have him cut during my whole pregnancy,up until he was a month old. Every visit. I was told yeast infections are a big problem with intact men.
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