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I have crunchy friends, mainstream friends and child-free friends. As long as we are respectful of each other, everything is fine.   I've been pleasently surprised when I've gotten to know some mainstream friends. The family who looks totally mainstream on the outside? Turns out to be into very gentle discipline and is stricter about their kids diet than I am. The mom who always seem to watch intently when I nursed the baby at preschool? She pumped exclusively for a...
200% of the rent=2 months rent, its written into the lease and it stands up in court. Its not considered breaking the lease though, its an early termination option.
 It really sounds like they need some one on one time with mommy and away from each other.  
  I hate the Santa pictures. All that trauma for just a picture.  But I've only seen happy first day of school pictures. Well, last year my kindergartener was not happy that I took his picture on his first workshop day at our charter school but that was about the picture.
Great list!   I'll add: -A high needs baby teaches you that your baby's (or child) behavior is not a reflection on you. -A high needs baby wipes the smug off of a first time mom faster then anything (at least this was my experience)
If the one more fits into the age range of my children, its no big deal. A 4th can actually make things easier since they pair off.   When I had a baby in the house (much less 2), then one more made a big difference.
Is grooming becoming a hassle or is it in his eyes?  Does he want a haircut? If no, then leave it if you want.
We're not montessori but my 2 1/2 year old will color, stack blocks, pour water from cups (in the kitchen sink or outside) while I work with the older kids. If I'm desperate, I'll let him watch videos on the computer. But we mostly try to work as fast as possible during naptime.
My hair held the vinegar smell too. Everyone could smell it. And it was Bragg's ACV too.  It took days to get it out.
We keep our supplies and books on a book shelf in the dining room, there's stuff on the walls in there too, but sometimes we do our work in the living room, the play room (when its clean)  or outside (when the weather is nice).
New Posts  All Forums: