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I'm not sure I understand the issue here.   How exactly are your kids' egos getting wrecked? Unfortunately, in life, not everyone is going to like you. They do have friends though.   The students at my kids' school are fairly spread out geographicaly so playdates require arrangement and transportation as well and, no, we don't do many of them. I think we went to about 3 parties through the year (4 if you count the one we hosted).     I would evaluate the new...
I take a basket or cloth bag with our food and a small back pack with a change of clothes for the toddler. I can usually see our stuff so I don't cart it along with me. My phone and keys are in my pocket, purse is left in the car.
No, we follow the rules of the game but we choose games that my 6 year has a fair chance at winning.
Nope, never, any of them, not even when they were in the bucket seat. My oldest would wake up if I down shifted and at every stop light too.
Why do you need do anything? Are they asking you to make your kids follow your rules? If not, just doing what you want and they'll keep doing what they want.
My kids aren't bothered by store mannequins. I don't think they've ever even asked about them. Now, DS#1 was a little concerned about the walking ones that attack people in Dr. Who.
That's pretty much our schedule too. When its cooler, they got back outside after lunch. I turn off the tv, the computer and the video games. Eventually, they get bored and go outside.
My older kids choose to wear shoes but my toddler is almost always barefoot (and usually naked too). He won't keep anything on and, if I don't have to, I don't bother with the fight over it.
  I call this "the age of constant supervision" because you have to be on top of kids who hit all.the.time. Its not fun, I don't get much done, but my kids and my dog feel safe from each other.  I don't get into explanations about feelings with a toddler, we just don't hit. Assaulting each other is not allowed. End of story.      
Advice from strangers: just nod and smile Advice from family: just say "This works for us"   I don't think it has anything to do with Mom's age. I had kids at 27, 29 and 30 and got (and still get) tons of well meaning advice from everyone.
New Posts  All Forums: