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I remember being pretty free range when I was a child but my mom always had a general idea of where we were and who were playing with. I wouldn't be comfortable having no idea whatsoever where my children were.
Kids notice skin color, just like they notice hair color, height, weight and tattoos. I don't find anything wrong with noticing it and talking about it. Its us adults who like to pretend that race doesn't exist.
Where will you DH be comuting to? San Diego is pretty spread out.   We live in Escondido. North County has a great AP presence (playgroup, LLL, RDA, babywearing meetings, etc). The schools vary a lot depending on what city you're in though, Escondido is not great (we use a charter school) however San Marcos and Carlsbad are good.
I often say that no one should make a decision about homeschooling when their child is 3. Because it can be a difficult phase. My older 2 have been or are in preschool and I have homeschooling friends that do the same. Its been a huge benefit to have my second child in preschool as it gives me time to get some school done with my kindergartener.
I drink 2 large cups of coffee everyday because I love it. Research is mixed on whether or not its good for you, but isn't that the way with almost anything?
"Don't pee on the dog, again" "Don't pee in the cat box" (that was my girl ?!) "I know I won't let you put stuff in your ear, but don't put it in your brother's either. While, we're at it; nothing in your sister's ear, the dog's ear or the cat's ear"
We haven't had any thunder for him to be afraid of but I'm thinking that its probably separation anxiety since he only does this when we're gone. He hasn't actually broken a window, just the screens. But now that he knows he can get out that way, I'm afraid he will break a window. We are working on a dog run that will connect to the garage, so he can go in and out, but its going to be a few weeks. I forgot to add that he is intact but we are planning on...
We have a 10 month old Australian Shepherd who is very well behaved, except he gets out when we're gone. He has gotten out of the yard (over the fence) and through three different windows in the house (including the little one over the kitchen sink). We are trying crate training but he is bending the crate and scraping up his nose. He gets two walks and/or runs a day for 1-5 miles each, depending on time. Then we play fetch when we get back. We do some obedience...
Our neighbors have a nice patio around a kidney shaped lawn.
If you would be kind enough to indulge my curiosity..... How long have you been running? 6 months At what age did you start or restart running? 32 What is a "typical" run for you - landscape, distance, time, speed, time of day, etc... around 3 miles, sometimes on the treadmill and sometimes on city streets How many times a week do you run? 3-4 Do you alternate any other training or exercises? I also swim, lift weights and practice yoga Your biggest...
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