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Mine have lasted over a year. I just wash them with the regular laundry on cold and dry on low or line dry. If I had to guess I'd say the bleach was the problem.
I'm the oldest of 4; I have sisters 2 1/2 years and 6 years younger, and a brother 20 years younger. I wasn't close with my sisters, actually fought violently and constantly with one of them. I just didn't have much in common with the other one. One sister is bipolar with social anxiety and ocd and required almost all of my parents' attention. She wasn't diagnosed until she was 22. My mom stayed home with us because my sister couldn't handle daycare or school. My...
DDCC, if they show up while you're in labor they'll probably just leave. Just have DH or your midwife answer the door and tell the manager that you're in labor.
Quote: Originally Posted by an_aurora This would be a good case for extended harnessing. If a child is still leaning out of position, reaching to pick up dropped items, etc, they are too young/immature for a booster. Then I should put DH in a harness. My 5 year old sits still in the car better. Said 5 year old is in a high backed booster using the seat belt at 47 lbs and 42". Just out of curiosity, since he won't grow of this seat for...
My sister had cp while still nursing at 14 months old. She had a much more mild case then the rest of us, who were 5 and 7. She did not get immunity from it.
Quote: Originally Posted by magentamomma This is a question that I have wonderedbutnever asked. Can one breastfeed after nipple piercing? Doesn't it damage the tissue? I swear i just have no experience or knowledge please educate me. I had my nips pierced for about 2 years and took them out about a year before DS1 was born. I do have some small scars, but no problem for breastfeeding at all. I took them out because I lost sensation and they...
When they start asking for privacy. Right now, my 5-year old wants to bathe alone because he wants more room to play.
If it helps my DD also pretends to have guns and swords, while my 1st DS has a baby. We just get them toys that they like and they share amongst themselves. I'm not worried that I'm raising a chauvinist just because my son has more interest in cars then barbies. That's just what he likes.
Honestly, I just let it go. It's just one day. I don't keep much of the leftover candy and we don't have allergies to worry.
Quote: Originally Posted by loraxc Your child is noticing race. They do that! And they wonder why we never talk about it! When my 4-year old said his friend has a "brown daddy." I agreed that he is brown but we call him Mr. R. Then we talked about how everyone looks different. What was funny was that he never said anything about his friend being brown but told me about his friend's new glasses for two days.
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