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I put chicken breasts in the crockpot, but if I'm in a hurry I boil it on the stove.
My oldest is terrified of dogs he doesn't know. I'm so tired of dog owners telling me "its okay, he's friendly." Look at my hysterically crying child, does that look okay? I don't blame the dog owners who have their dogs on leashes but that doesn't change my son's reaction. I don't know how a unleashed dog would react to my son's noise and running away and that thought really scares me. This is why we choose non-dog beaches and parks.
My oldest was around 35 lbs but my dd was maybe 23 lbs.
Quote: Originally Posted by rivkah I think this topic is very interesting. I am not an expert, by any means (on any other culture), but I would bet my boots there are very, very few cultures, if any, where the breasts aren't seen as sexual. They are, after all, sexual in the sense that they can be a site of sexual pleasure for both men and women. However, I would also bet my boots that legs are seen as sexual in pretty much every culture. I think the...
I'm not sure about the weight loss connection, but if I'm exhausted I'm more likely to get injured. So I nap.
We all have DH's last name because its awesome.
My dd does not have piercings and won't for a while. Besides my desire to not add work for myself, I saw a little girl's earring ripped out of her ear while rough housing. I don't want my dd to worry about her jewelry while she plays. I also have an adult friend whose earrings are now noticeably off-center because of the way her ears grew.
I may be the odd one, but yes. I cannot go low-carb without my supply dropping, it doesn't matter where I am in my cycle or how much other food I'm eating.
Quote: Originally Posted by felix23 I personally don't give a flip if Medela violates the WHO code because the code is outdated and needs to be more inclusive of women who have to use bottles. Acting like bottles for pumping mothers need to be hidden and not advertised (and there is no way I would buy a bottle with no picture on the box, I want to see what I am getting) damages breastfeeding because it makes women feel like pumping is something to be...
Its not that my youngest is harder, he is actually an easy-going baby most of the time. Its just that I'm really tired. We may have had more kids if I had the chance to miss the baby years.
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