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hmm, can I get my kids to read this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Proxi I am just worried about how YOUNG they are. I mean, I am young, so I guess I shouldn't worry, but I still do. The new companion is 21 years old in real life, but looks younger. I want it to stay the adult show with family appeal, not turn into a teen-show, you know? Rose was only 19, remember?
If no one is in danger (and real danger is pretty rare around here), then I deal with it when we're done nursing.
I get why they ask about vax. They are the ones who give them after all. My pedi asks "how is he sleeping?" instead of "is he sttn?"
I've made ginger carrots and sauerkraut. Right now I'm trying my hand at pickles.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chamomile Girl Why do people have sucha strong need to be a part of some large, mindless, in-crowd?? I think I must be an introvert . That question is older then the coliseum.
I started W4 today. I didn't think I would make it through 5 minutes of running, but I did.
I lift heavy weights to build muscle. Many women are afraid that they'll look masculine or too bulky, so they keep the weights too low and that doesn't do anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by akichan I never thought about it this way. 10 days for each level. THe "recommendation" is to do each workout until you feel comfortable moving up to the next. Anyway, one more day down (I took Sat and Sun off). A friend of mine said she messed up her shoulder doing the Shred, so I'm thinking of doing only one set of each exercise using weights. The end of the workout really kills me but I'm still...
I like to wear shoes because we basically have no pad under our carpet anymore.
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