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let's see, B was 1 month of Sunday.  She smiles at us and says a-goo.  She loves bath time and likes to lay wiggle or to be propped up to look at things.  She sleeps so well, compared to her brother anyway.  she can put herself to sleep without nursing a lot of the time, just dozes off.  and naps without being held (her brother never would).  she's a little wobbly, but she's holding her head up pretty well.  she's a piggy, she's been gaining almost a pound a week.  she...
Brena isn't into a really predictable schedule yet- she was one month on Sunday.  She goes to bed for the night around 10:30 or 11, wakes again around 2:30 or 3 to nurse a bit and come to our bed, then sleeps til around 6 and then usually goes back to sleep around 7:30 or 8.  During the day her sleep varies more.  On a good day, she takes a long nap in the morning and the afternoon.  By long, I mean 2-2.5 hours.  Some days she takes a nice evening nap, but others she...
we've been getting settled in here at Robins, still living in an extended stay motel.  but we're in the middle of buying a house, so hopefully we'll be out of here by the end of the month.  I had Brena on the 22nd.  we had a completely natural hospital birth, it was pretty wonderful, and so is she!  she weighed 8lb10oz and was 20.5in long, and my labor was about 8 hours long.  
Tired of waiting here too.  We've been so busy with our move, now that we're sort of settled down, the last couple of weeks are dragging by.  I'm so, so uncomfortable, and ready for this part to be over.  I'm about 39 weeks, due one day middle of next week.  I don't feel like she will wait that long to come, but that could just be wishful thinking on my part.  I had a lot of contractions yesterday after my doctor visit, and got all anxious and excited, but they stopped...
Congrats, she's just lovely!  
I've had colostrum since around the beginning of January.  I was hoping it would prompt ds (31months) to wean, but no luck.  He could care less.  He nurses once a day, because I can't stand any more than that.  I think he'd nurse a little more often if I could take the pain and the skin crawling it induces.  
We're moving too, on April 1st, and it will probably be into storage and a motel room for an undetermined length of time, while we buy a house.  So she really, really doesn't need to come early.  It's horrible timing, but that's military life. 
I love JuJu Be bags, I have a small stash of several of their diaper bags and accessories.  They can be quite pricey new, but I've bought all mine second hand on ebay.  They are SO well made, you can get a bag in EUC for sometimes half the cost of buying it new and never tell it's been used.  I have a Be Tween, Be Spicy, PackaBe, Be Lite, which are all nice diaper bags, and one of their Be Mine wallets, and Be Quick.  Right now, my bag of choice is the Be Spicy.  It's...
Lots and lots of b/h here too, occasionally some more painful.  I've been working my butt off though, I feel like that's probably the reason in my case.  
Congrats!  It sounds like they are doing well!  
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