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I think this officially belongs in this forum.  Dd is 15 months old.  Right now, she nurses 1-4 times per day, depending on the schedule and whether she wakes up at night to nurse.  I have not been able to get any milk pumping since last summer, and while I never feel "full" (even when she only nurses once in a day), I feel a letdown when she nurses and know that she is actually getting milk.  I am not planning to wean her at this time.   My problem is that I have a...
  I'll be interested in seeing the answers for this.  I would think that looking at his shifting interests may indicate a different sensitive period of some sort. Not sure what kinds of works he's been doing, but maybe shaking things up and doing some more sciency, music, art type works would (or something you haven't been doing as much of) might be interesting to him.
Thanks for those replies!  I'm glad it doesn't sound terribly inappropriate to you.    I kind of think the whole prostitution stuff would just go over his head.  He knows that in the show sometimes the people are tough or have to do things to get money because they don't have any.  He understands that sometimes these things are not legal, like stealing.  I think he would probably just assume Fantine is in the same boat as Jean Valjean, as far as that.  And if he...
Ds is 6-1/2.  His very favorite music to listen to is Les Miserables.  It's coming through our city in a couple of months, and I'm debating taking him.  He saw it advertised and has been asking to go - he knows the music, he knows the storyline, and he loves to see how things are done on stage. I have seen it twice and find it awe-inspiring.  The main thing that we skip over in his music is the part with Fantine being a prostitute, which obviously is in the show.  Is it...
  Yes, it would be really nice if educators really took different learning styles into consideration. Unfortunately, even the best of them can't do it fully because they have 20-something individual styles to adapt to.  A Montessori environment seems like it would be a good fit for a v/s learner, at least compared to traditional, imo.  And a well-structured Montessori should have an easier time adjusting to the individual needs of the students.
Lisa Nolan has online Montessori curricula for various age groups.  There is a charge, but it might give you some ideas.  18 months doesn't necessarily need a "curriculum," rather more just lifestyle philosophies and activities to meet developmental stages, I would think, but this site offers some interesting ideas.
Wow - do our kids have the same teacher?    I sent a Time Timer to school with ds, but the teacher wouldn't use it.  She's now using a basic timer, which works some, but it's not really teaching him time management skills.  The one I bought has a fussy battery, and I have to sometimes check to make sure it's well-placed.  Evidently, that was too much for our teacher to do.  They are really nice, though!   For the writer's block - he's only 6, right?  Six year...
Has anyone used one or both of these curricula?  What are the pros and cons of each?  Ds is currently in a Montessori program, and I'm seriously considering hs'ing him instead.  Any input about these math programs is greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much for all of that information!  It helps me to formulate my thoughts and ideas for curriculum, seeming a little more cohesive and less daunting. :)
This is what I was thinking.  If you had 2 IQ's when he was younger and they scored pretty equally AND he was demonstrating skills like you said, then I would go with those scores and forget about the "90" without more information backing it.  Could be that this was a percentile ranking.  Could be that it was not an IQ test, but an achievement test of some sort and ds was having a mediocre day. ;-)   
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