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I'd like to participate too. I'm Canadian tho, the rolling strikes are only delaying things so far. We should be okay. (crossed fingers)
deleted b/c im already here. :)
  My date has been changed Sept 9
I'd check the safety stats on your car. I drive a van and have two of my kiddos in the third row (I'm expecting a fourth in Sept so I need the room in the second row) I was in an accident in October, I was hit while stopping to turn left,  I was doing roughly 20 km/hr and the guy who rear-ended me was doing 90 km/hr he never hit the brakes. I have roughly a foot behind the seat too. My oldest was in his forward facing car seat (harnessed) he's 4 and weighs about 37lbs....
My midwife appt is on the 19th. She's 1.5 hours away and my only option with her is hospital. I'm toying with the idea of using her for prenatal and then just UCing. I UPed my daughter but ended up transferring due to family issues. We'll see how I click with her. I UPed my daughter b/c I clashed with the midwife in the town where I used to live. I have no problem with a hospital birth as long as the hcp and I see eye to eye.
I'm not discernably (sp?) pregnant but my belly button is kinda shallow. This is my fourth and I lose my belly button earlier each time. I feel fat and bloated but I don't think I look it though.
Hey all thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Crystal, due Sept 8th-ish. This will be my fourth baby. I have two boys and one girl. My youngest is 14 months. I have a history of miscarriages I've had 6 so I'm keeping this under my hat until about 13 weeks. So I needed to share with someone and my family and friends are kinda out of the loop so here I am. Hi!
I'd have to agree that the concept of kids learning along their interests can be hard to wrap your mind around. But personally I only ever retained things long enough for the final exam unless I was interested in them. As for the testing question, every test I've ever written came with directions so isn't more a question of reading comprehension skills than test taking skills?? *no sarcasm, honest wondering*
My kids love the animal games too. My almost four year old is way less inhibited than most I've met. Today my oldest was pretending to be a skateboard for his little brother to ride. That's weird even for my kids
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