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Good luck in your labor and birth and I hope you are already snuggling your little one now.  My tip would be to seek someone midwife of any kind or a doctor for advice on where to go from here.   They can advise you safely to your specific situation and health history.   I wish you nothing the best and the birth of your dreams, but seeking medical advice should be left to in person not over the internet.   
No I wouldn't UC if I felt that things were not right or not perfectly fine.   I felt this way my entire pregnancy with my twins about one of them and boy was I right.  Nothing that was life threatening at birth but I didn't want to take the chance there was either.   We had a gorgeous homebirth and still continue to figure out DD's medical issues.   
Congrats!!! I hope you have a great babymoon!
all   From someone who's had preterm labor with all of my kids.     1)  If you lay down and rest and drink water do they go away?   2)  Are you having more than 6 an hour? 3)  Any changes in discharge?  Amount, color, odor?  itching? 4)  Any changes in urine?  Odor?  Burning?   Most midwives or doctors will advise you to get checked out if you lay down and drink a glass of water the contractions continue at the rate of 6 or more an hour.  Or if you have any changes in...
any updates?  I hope your having a great babymoon!
Very well said Savinthy. 
I'm totally not the expert but our ped said same thing about circumcising our son.   My comment back.    " I have a daughter and I wouldn't give her a mastectomy at birth because she may develop breast cancer?  How is this any different?"  She said "Point taken" and it was never discussed again.    I'm not sure how it applies to an older child but the risks of penile cancer are far smaller than breast cancer.    
  Jeeeze.... a simple yay would do instead of trying to "burst someone's bubble".... or not saying anything if you cannot say something nice.    To the OP... that's awesome!  I'm so glad they are sleeping well for you.  I think that's one thing we feel exceptionally blessed with having twins.  They have always slept great.    I wish you the best of luck in your recovery!   
haha this made me laugh.    Yiup discuss with doc but you will know when its enough.  I didn't but have a history of preterm labor... so sex really made me contract a ton and didn't want to risk anything.     
  I understand both your reservations and concerns about this.  So from my experience of having nannies who bring their children to work as well as a mother of twins and 2 young children I will weigh in here.  (I haven't read everything here FYI).    1)  She will need an appropriate maternity leave.  I only took 6 weeks after twins but everyone is different.  If you agreed to 12 weeks then feesably she'd be beyond the more difficult time of having twins.    2)  not all...
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