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Hello- There is a Rasta roots livity thread in finding your tribe- however no one has posted in a very long time.  I am trying to connect with other rasta families- both locally and online to increase my overstanding and community of rasta living.  Is anyone out there?  Come reason with I. Bless~ Liz
I am not yet homeschooling b/c my kids are still young, but we are seriously considering it.  We believe in the Rasta way of life- not necessarily secular- but different nonetheless. I have friends that are secular homeschooling and they love it.  There are several homeschool supports- like Oregon Connections Academy and another one through the Springfield School District. Hope this helps. Peace.   
It has been nearly a year since the last posting...where are you rasta sistren?  I am posting because I have a question... I am reading the Kebra Negast and an aware of the many versions.  Does one provide more overstanding than another? I know it all the word of Jah, but I am confused by the many translations...what is the earliest printed version?  Bless, Liz 
i haven't been to MDC is forever. it's good to see familar names and hear your updates. charlene--sending you positve vibes for Margaret. hugs. it's good to be back.
well said. blessings.
I want to make a picture book of photos that my mom took of my birth for my midwife as a way of saying how grateful I am for my homebirth experience and that she was a part of it. My mom thinks it is weird and DH said to do whatever I wanted...a lot of help their feedback was... What do you all think of the idea? Is anyone doing something similar? BTW-I hope everyone is enjoying their babymoon and sending labor vibes to those still waiting...
thanks to everyone reaching out that's awesome! we should have a shy mamas club...lol. all are welcome. so a playdate sounds good...where could we meet? the weather is yicky so it's hard to plan a playground thing and ds2 is only 3 weeks and i am still getting a hang of the nursing thing. any ideas?
congrats on your new baby girl!!
congrats on your new baby boy!!!!
congrats on your new baby boy!!
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