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This past year my husband owned his own buisness so I helped him out when my parents could watch the kids or on weekends so we homeschooled M-Th 8:00-11:30. This year my husband has a new job and I am going to be a preschool director. Luckly, I will be able to take the kids with me. My youngest is pre-school age so he can join in. My oldest will be in second grade. He will be doing work he can do on his own during the hours I am there. 8:00-11:30. We will do intensive...
Thank you!
I am in Arkansas and we are allowed the Philosophical reason. I cannot find the form online. Were do I go to get one? Quote: Originally Posted by poppan I am not as familiar with the state regulations as the others here are -- but my understanding is that anything short of being totally up to date according to the state/CDC's schedule would require a waiver. What state are you in as the regulations and waivers vary by state. Certain states allow...
Do I need an immunization waiver if I am delaying and selective vaxing? I am going to be directing and teaching a half day preschool this year. My DS will be coming with me and I will need something on file. I wondered if the HD would even consider it waving if I had some vaxes.
WE got an offer then countered. They came back and looked again today. They left at 3:00 saying they were going to eat and talk about it. It is 10:00 and we still have not heard. We do know if they are going to make another offer they will have to do it tomorrow because they are wanting to get the First Time Buyer tax credit.
We just listed our house again last week and have had three showings. It was listed last year and we had three offers but none of the people had good credit. Because of all the stress we took it off the market. We have it listed again and I am starting to remember all the stress. LOL!!! Mainly, we will be there in an hour, and me rushing to clean all the toys up!
Quote: Originally Posted by Denvergirlie Arm and Hammer? Good deal and good to know. Yes.
I called 1-800-524-1328 to see if there is Washing Soda in my area...there is not. But while I was on the line the lady told me I could get a 4 pound box for 4.50 with free shipping. You have to call to get the free shipping.
We have gone a whole year without one and have not missed it at all. Our food taste so much better.
Quote: Originally Posted by REV Hi all, Not sure if this fits into this category, but wasn't sure where to post it. I try to feed my children healthy, natural foods, and avoid chemicals in my house. I am having a hard time trying to figure out what to use in the bathroom for them to wash their hands with. I LOVE the pump foam soaps, b/c I feel that they can do a much better job of rinsing the soap off - with the regular pump soaps they put too...
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