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Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
I grew up near Aberdeen and I don't think it is what you're looking for.  The economy is indeed depressed and while there are pockets of others, the prevailing mindset is rather conservative.   -  We'd like to be close to the ocean.  Either a beach town or something no more than an hour a away.  (we both grew up in beach towns, so they feel like home) Aberdeen is about 20 minutes drive to Westport, which is a nice little beach town.   -  Any areas...
One more thing with Calvert's math -- their approach is where they'll briefly visit a topic, hop to something else, and a week or two later come back to the first thing; some people prefer math programs that present one thing at a time and allow for "mastery" of it before moving on to the next thing.
I tried Calvert with my older son (3rd grade materials) for a few months this school year as a first-time delving into packaged curriculum for us; it was free with enrollment in a local online school.   My opinions -- Pros: The daily lesson plans are SUPER great if you're at all disorganized or unsure of how best to get all the subjects tackled on a regular basis. There's a list at the top of which books are to be used that day and which pages, and there's actual...
Yes, SAD is very real. Light boxes help a ton; make sure yours is 10,000 lux or higher -- this measurement isn't listed on all of them, but it is the only guideline I've read in multiple sources, and the one my doctor mentioned.  Also, it doesn't actually *rain* 6 days/week November through March, but it is *gray* that much. You can still play outside and get fresh air and exercise and not necessarily always be soaked.   Rent is supposedly super high around here in...
Dead end for us here -- DS 1 got strep instead. 
A friend of mine in Edmonds had them at her house a week ago and some mutual friends got exposed.... if THEY get them I'll bring MY kids to the pox, and then I'll come back here and let you know if we're available to share!  (got that? )
Hi there!  I don't actually live in the Harbor anymore but your post looked lonely here so I had to respond. I grew up in Montesano and my parents still live there.  I have a friend with a farm in Elma who homeschools her 3 boys that I could help you connect with if you'd like - I don't know if she comes to this forum or not.   Glad to know there's some natural families in the area!
I am seeking either or both of the above for some friends with a newborn. Baby has some feeding issues and seems to have colic, and these first-time parents could really use some help.
My six-year-old is Spirited and I'm not completely sure about his 3-year-old brother, mainly because.... Quote: Originally Posted by kerc I sometimes fear that my child #2 is getting the short end of the stick because we spend.so.much.time and effort with #1. I've been fortunate to have a playgroup since DS #1's birth filled with women who in addition to knowing him his whole life, also understand my challenges with him and are forgiving of...
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