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Dh and I just watched Paul last night, it was great.
Role Models was pretty funny.  
Here are a few more...   1. Dies the Fire (1st book in the series) by Stirling   2. In a Perfect World by Kasischke    
I just finished reading The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch it's a young adult book but I enjoyed it.  I'll try and remember some more titles I love this subject.  
My mom has been a house cleaner for over 20 years and she charges $18-$20 and hour. An 1800 sq Ft house would be a 4 hour job at least so you should be making around $80. This lady seems like she would be terrible to work for. I think you should stop trying to compromise for her and move on, put your energy in to finding clients who will appreciate you.
Because the idea of being pregnant again makes me physically ill...I'm so very, very done with that stage of motherhood. My youngest is almost five and I'm loving  the freedom of having older kids. Dh and I are reconnecting, we can go out together and not rush home because the baby needs to nurse, I've started focusing on getting my body back in shape and going back to school.  We can do fun things as a family that was way to hard when they where younger. The biggest...
My children's school has only 2 teachers and they share one building that is split into 2 classrooms, plus they all come together for part of the day. The k-2 graders are called the stars and the 3-5 graders are the stripes (I know, kinda silly).
I'm feeling the same way lately. I have no advise, just wanted you to know you're not alone.  I've been a SAHM for 8 years and have 4 kids. I wonder if the 7-8th year is a magical number were mom's start to feel this way. I know quite a few other mom's who have hit the same wall at the 7th or 8th year of staying home.    
Are they wrapped up inside a beach towel?   Sorry, that's my only idea
It sounds like you are pretty happy where you are now and there is no hurry to build the house or move so I would not take out a loan and slowly build the dream house as I could afford it. Then in the end you wont have a mortgage or rent.
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