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I see the SAH (Stay at home) part as a job. Of course like many others have said parenting is just what you do when you have children, but by choosing to stay at home I have made homemaking my job. I see it as my responsibility to keep our home orderly and clean. I provide healthy meals, manage the money, handle all the appointments and activities, etc... I would never expect my dh to come home and do laundry or any major cleaning. Don't get me wrong I expect him to be...
OP Here, I wasn't saying it was a bad thing that baby wearing may or may not be main stream now. Its just  that when I was baby wearing no one (except my group of mom friends) knew what a moby wrap was or any other wrap and they were hard to find, never in stores and had to be ordered on-line. I guess I was just making an observation and wondering if anyone else noticed it.
I would say I'm pretty type-A. I keep my house very organized and clean. I hate being late, try to be prepared for everything, etc... I have four kids 12, 10, 6 and 4 years old. Going fro 3 to 4 was hard and still is hard. I felt way more in control with 3 kids. I felt I was a better mother with 3 kids. I don't think they play better because there is an even number. everything seems to take more effort and planning.   Sorry to sound like such a downer. It's not...
My youngest is 4 so I haven't been in the baby wearing forum or mindset for a while now but I've noticed a few commercials with baby wearing in them. I just saw a SEARS commercial with a baby in a moby wrap. Has it gone mainstream? Has anyone else noticed this?
Limabean I LOVE YOU!!!  MOTHER HIPS is by far my favorite band. I have been following them for at least 17 years and seen them about a million and one times in tiny venues. I wonder if we have been at some of the same shows?  
I have an Aidan. When we were picking names almost 11 years ago we had originally picked Austin because it was a family name. Then one of the Austin Powers movies came out and everyone was making jokes about the name. plus Austin was a pretty popular name so we went with Aidan because we liked it and didn't know anyone else with that name. Pretty much everyone we knew questioned the name, asked where we had come up with it, etc....about 4 years later it was the most...
If I was person A I would offer to payback the original amount of the loan if I financial was able. All the fines and interest that added up due to person B not making the payments are in no way person A's responsibility.
Find a rental and get out! If you let her talk you in to the staying and buying the bigger house with her you will be trapped forever. Her being alone is not your fault or your dh fault.
Thank you all for the replies. It's given me lots to think about. I feel like I should give some back story. The person I'm referring to is my DH. He had a drinking problem for many years but has been sober for over a year and a half now. He is usually very calm, quiet and a really  nice guy. But when he was drinking he would become very volatile and mean. He would say very mean things to me like,  I was the reason he drank, I made him miserable, didn't appreciate him ,...
  OP here....This is the type of drunk I'm talking about. Very laid back, loving guy until he drinks then he becomes mean and angry and says very hurtful things but then later when he's sober and confronted with what he said doesn't remember saying it and claims it's not true and just the alcohol talking.   This is what worries me. If it was a one time thing I'd chalk it up to the alcohol but it has been many times over many years.  
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