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This is something I have been wondering about for a while and would like others opinion on it. Do you feel that when someone has been drinking that they kinda loosen up and say things that they feel but normally wouldn't say or do you feel that when someone drinks the things that they say can't be believed? For example if someone gets made while they have been drinking and says hurtful things about you is this how they really feel or is it "just the alcohol talking"?
I voted other because I'm from California and when I hear the word "toboggan" I think of a sled, but no one ever uses the word "toboggan"  here. If we are going out side to play in the snow and slide down a hill in something that something is always called a sled.
I would not drop everything and go care for him. I would be supportive to the brother who is handling everything. Can you find outside care that can come in and help your brother? Some type of Hospice care?
It's a very small town about an hour from anything so the biggest sacrifices have been options. There are not a lot of educational options or extra activities for the kids. We have a very close family with not a lot of drama but when there is drama it's right there in your face. My parents live next door so when my sisters have problems I can't really get away from it and hide in my own world. The advantages are much more than the disadvantages. My children, in 12 years...
All 4 of my kids where a suprise. I was told by a dr. that I did not ovulate and would not be able to get pregnant with out fertility treatment, so dh and I figured we were safe to quit using BC, one month later I was pregnant. pregnancy #2 I was on the pill and was sick and missed one pill and suprise I got pregnant. We then planned and tried to get pregnant, got pregnant and had an ectopic. I had to have a tube removed and figured that would be the end of babies for...
I would move back to be closer to family. I've stayed in the same town my whole life to be close to family. DH and I could have moved but made the choice to raise our children around their large extended family. Can you stay with your family until you get on your feet in the new country?
My youngest will start school in a year and a half (not that I'm counting). I am really hoping to go back to school and get my degree.
Yes, I did need to read that right now. I'm sitting here feeling guilty for not living up to MOTHERING standards and you are right, I need to parent the way it works for me and my family RIGHT NOW. Thank You.
My ds is ADHD. I would say that by the time he was walking dh and I knew there was something "different" about him. From about age 2 on we had him at dr.'s asking them what was wrong with him. We had test after test ran, we changed his diet, we tried every discipline approach, I read hundreds of books, nothing helped. School was a nightmare. I got phone calls from teachers at least 3-4 times a week. He was kicked off the bus numerous times. Going out in public was...
I think whenever you tell a child no you can't have or do something all of there friends do it becomes the forbidden fruit and it's all they can think about. We have close family friends with 2 boys. Mom is very stricked about video games, they are very controlled and limited on the time they are allowed to play them. When ever the boys come to play at my house it's all they want to do. My ds who has less restrictions wants to do other things. Yesterday the boys came...
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