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A friend experienced a tough divorce. The other partner (partial custody) wants the child fully vaccinated. The primary parent has been court-ordered to catch up on all vaccines. This is concerning b/c the child has multiple allergies and previously reacted to vaccines. The court specified the vaccines will be administered in the hospital to treat the reactions. Is there nothing that can be done here? 
Didn't see this posted, thought it was relevant to the forum: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21380991 http://skepticalob.blogspot.com/2011/10/missouri-homebirth-has-20-fold-increase.html
Yes! I recall a link I read that talked about increase brain damage if the person hyper-responded. UGH it's killing me that I can't find the links.
So, if we go along with their thinking and the emotional impact of marital issues does interfere with your birth, then you are transferring. Not exactly the end of the world (for THEM).  My point is, they didn't present their concerns in a way that affirmed you and put faith in birth. And if you transfer, then you transfer. So what was the point? I would remain wary of why anyone would feel the need to treat me like that when either way it did not clearly benefit them...
I must be searching with the wrong terms. I read about adults becoming hypersensitized to the Tdap vaccine. IIRC, the recommendation was to have their antibodies checked before continuing to get boosters/vaccines. Anyone have related information to this? I did not save the link.
You can still catch them here, in a PDF of a brochure: http://www.vaccineplace.com/support/brochure/adacelpatientbrochure.pdf I advise saving the brochure lol. It's page 5.
*bump* Is MSG maybe a scapegoat or hype or something? :-/ 
  I just cannot understand MSG and why it's bad. I think glutamic acid is important for our cells and I've heard via BBC that MSG goes into your body as sodium and the gluten digests as it should and there is nothing to worry about it. I know if you have a stroke or heart attack where blood flow is lost to cells they can reverse function and take in calcium then glutamic acid causing them to break down and die but I don't see how it's bad as it helps...
I was unable to catch my daughter b/c the position that enabled me to push effectively had both my arms up.    I could have caught my son as I was on all fours in the birth pool.   But both times I wanted daddy to catch. It was just something special that I wanted him to do....   But ITA that it's ridiculous to think a mama won't catch her baby, unless she's out cold or something......
Thanks so much for answering!
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