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Just to reassure all of you about chlorine and swimmers--it has no effect. My son was *conceived* in hot tub that was heavily chlorinated. And since it was the only time I could have conceived, the irony is I was not close to my fertile window yet, my midwife said the swimmers had to live for up to a week (which is possible in some cases if the father is very healthy)...so apparently the chlorine had no effect whatsoever or it just made the swimmers hardier LOL Anyway my...
Hidden Pearl Creations!!! http://www.hiddenpearlcreations.com Dana calls them Family Shell Wipes and also makes a kid size in addition to her adult size ones. We switched over to cloth wipes two years ago (summer 2003) and dh said he would not use them initially too, but guess what--he now comments on the "disgusting" tp he has to use at work. LOL :LOL
I am another one who has used cloth pads exclusively since 1992 I have tried just about everything out there--but my current favorites are: **Hidden Pearl Creations LadyGlows~ her lites (one piece) are wonderful for pregnancy and as an alternative to paper panti liners during your fertile time as well as during the moon flow...for those of you who are looking for a heavy-duty pad for postpartum or night time use, her Postpartum Pads with the inserts are wonderful!!...
Just to chime in here--I am a customer and "business builder" with Melaleuca, I use many of their products obviously but not all of them. Just to clarify about the animal testing, it is not the kind of animal testing that P & G does where they blind, main and kill puppies, bunnies & kittens. Frank V. Melaleuca's company president and ceo did "test" their pet shampoo on his own dogs to be sure the product worked well enough to market it and they are not admitted to the...
I have cloth diapered all five babies and like breastfeeding it is not even something I think about when making decisions for the next baby, it's just a given--however there is one thing I would like to mention that you don't think about when you first make the decision to use cloth. Cloth diapering will lead to making other great choices...I found myself wanting to get all the paper products and throw away stuff out of my life. And we have successfully done so, although...
: I am building a stash for my new baby around PattyNaps--they are so nicely made--look like much more expensive WAHM diapers! Love the fabrics and the style of the diapers (I also have some of the PattyNaps covers) and Steph is very sweet to work with. All of my orders have been shipped very quickly~~FIVE STAR WAHM!!!
: Just received a big, beautiful order of mama products from Hidden Pearl Creations! Shipping was fast and everything was wrapped nicely~~Highly recommend this WAHM for superior customer service, beautifully made useful products you will love using for years to come! Thanks Dana!
Don't feel guilty, you are a wonderful mama! I have used a stroller occasionally with my attached babies and they actually like it--I noticed though they like to look at me, and I have a stroller that the handle reverses so they can face me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sustainer Add me to the list of people who woudn't even use them if THEY paid ME. Ditto!
The best ewcm I had was when I was taking ho shu wu (a Chinese herb) also known as fo-ti. Just thought I'd throw that in.
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