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This is not NFL, but just want to share that after about 1 mo of using elidel and zyrtec, I am AMAZED. We had tried zyrtec before and it did help but not this much, so I credit elidel with the dramatic improvement. He is actually sleeping thru the night now. Allllllllllllllll the way thru the night. Also not NFL, but the new ped swears that Crisco is the best moisturizer on the planet. :yuck: : Cheaper than vanicream, that's for sure. And on the topic of...
Ever have one of those weeks where you just cannot afford to get sick? Where you will just barely handle everything even if you're operating at peak? Where if you drop the ball a lot of people will be definitely, seriously, negatively affected? I am embarking on such a week. And of course I'm getting sick. There's a stomach flu going around here and wouldn't you know, today I have diarrhea. Doesn't help that last night I drank heavily and slept little. I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanPlanter seeing that you are considered the most accurate predictor of fertility... how many times will I be pregnant in my lifetime? (including past/present/future) good question. me too, please.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoodWillHunter GM, I was *just* thinking about you! oh my. what were you thinking? would it violate the UA?
kama, you sig cracks me up. i never would have thought that sending you office-appropriate attire was an anti-racist act, but now i know.
kama kama kama kama kama chameleon.... the drama continues. am i playing myself out? will it be worth the wait?
Thanks, very helpful! I get Nordic Naturals brand at my co-op, is that a good one?
DS has horrible eczema. I've heard a lot that DHA/Omega-3s will help. So I've been trying to shovel as much CLO into him as possible (which isn't much). My mom pointed out to me yesterday that fish store up a lot of toxins, and liver stores up all the toxins, so isn't CLO just concentrated, nasty, poisonous essence-o-fish? On the other hand, I know CLO is the best source of DHA, and since there's no way he's going to eat sufficiently massive amounts of walnuts...
Thanks ladies, I'll hit the ginger and vit C for starters. Quote: Originally Posted by thismama I don't have any great ideas, but I would take a pregnancy test, just in case. Sweetie, you know how fertile and paranoid I am. I did the whole 3-pack. I know that stress is only going to scare AF away, so I've been doing pretty well at not thinking about it, but every time I open up a new pee stick, my heart stops completely. Having a baby...
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