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:hey, i just found these twinkle mats. they seem great!
my girls are now 7 and 9 and for us the Sugarplum fairy comes to get the sugar to get started on all the christmas treats she has to make. i know it won't be long before my 9 yr old figures it out but they still believe 100%! Last year they started to get sneaky and hid some from the fairy that she did not find. This year they're already planning on where to hide it. Luckily, they say it all in front of me- so I'll collect the lion's share but will leave a few hidden...
did you say you have wool on hand??? here's what we did SPOOKY! :
Now that my kids are getting a bit older we went for a spooky fall table! ::
yes, love the ones mentioned! also excellent is maria sangiolo's fairy moon! It's not as sappy and 'waldorfy' as the others but her daughter was in waldorf preschool when she made this cd and was taken by the waldorf ways and fairies and what not. this is the one i can listen to the longest without wanting to pitch it from the car window on listen # 567. It's seasonal, rich in fairies, even has preschoolers singing some waldorf favorites. I can't say enough great...
we made dragon bread and went to the michaelmas fest at the local waldorf school. lots of good fun! see pics here: http:www.thelittletravelers.typepad.com
Yes, they are normal, however having a regular daily routine can help diminish them by leaps and bounds. I found that when my own were that age if they were having fits over everything I did need to change what I was doing. I'd look at my schedule, see how much time I was spending on the computer, or phone, etc. and re-evaluate. Having a predictable routine really helps them at this age. If you have breakfast, go for a walk, come inside and read a book, have free play...
here's a look at our play group space. TheLittleTravelers http://thelittletravelers.typepad.com
You can wet felt it or dry (needle) felt it if it is roving. I also have some projects listed here. Look under toys, wool felt and in the garden for felted projects. -angelina:
Here are some pictures of how to "Waldorfize" an outdoor space for little money. Look under garden -angelina:
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