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Quote: Originally Posted by SeekingJoy Are those babies formula fed? It can make a difference. Don't get discouraged with breasfeeding!! Both of my LO's slept through the night (12-14hours) really early while being EBF ... DD at 2mos and DS around 5mos. DD was one of those amazing sleeping babies and DS's sleep issues were with napping only and that had nothing to do with how he was fed ... just wanted to be with momma
This was my DS for the first few months. Sadly I have no technique to share ... it seemed to just be a matter of time for DS. He started off sleeping exactly 30 mins on his own when I laid him down. He would wake crying after his 30 mins, but would go right back to sleep on me for another couple of hours once I picked him up. This went on for at least the first 2 mos, then he changed to 45 mins on his own and then to 1.5 hours on his own and eventually slept his...
Quote: Originally Posted by LadyCatherine185 could he be getting his 2 year molars? Yes, this as well. 2 Year molars (top only, bottom were no problem) were the worst of all teeth for sleep issues with DS. We are just getting back to normal now after 4mos of working on two top molars!!
Since my DS (2.5) has been potty trained we noticed that he was stirring/fussing at exactly the same time a lot of nights. He was sick for a week or so and didn't sleep well at all, during that time he was waking and crying to go pee at his normal stir/fuss time. It was then that we figured out why he was fussing before, he needed to pee at that time each night and fussed while going in his diaper. We've tried to cut out drinks close to bed time which has helped and...
Just a thought, it sounds like you and his dad are not together ... would his dad having full custody be an option? There are lots of amazing dads out there being the primary care giver.
I really hope someone has some ideas for you ... this sounds so sad to me. Hormones were the first thing that came to mind when I read your post ... they can really mess with you.
Awww ... so hard to let them go I was you last year when DD (10) went to camp. If it makes you feel any better, she had such a great time she cried once she was home from camp she missed it so much!!!
I love this show too!!! I'm a big Barney fan, can't wait until he tells Robin he loves her!!!! Yes, Robin is pregnant IRL. That is also why Lily wasn't on last nights episode, she just had a baby IRL
Quote: Originally Posted by ILoveSweetpea He deserves to pursue something that is important to him and his identity. I think this is an important time in our marriage for me to just give him love and support. I have absolutely no doubt this what he would do the same for me if our roles were reversed (although I would never make the decision to leave). I need to find a way to shake off any resentment or hurt on my part because it isn't productive. I think...
Quote: Originally Posted by Porcelain Interior I also hate having the backside of my knees, or the inside of my elbows touch, it almost gags me. Add me for the back of the knees (and knee caps) ... I can't even describe the feeling ...
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