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Hi!  Does anyone have an experience or know of the Petersham Montessori School in Petersham Ma?  Just wondering and it looks interesting on their website!!  Thanks!
I have no advice, but my 2 and 1/2 yr old does the same thing!  I'll be watching this thread in hopes of some advice too!  
She has not noticed, and she is very picky so my guess is no!  Plus it has omega 3's in it, so it's beneficial too I think!
Hi!  I could have written this original post myself as we were going through this too!  We tried many things and the only thing that really works is 2 tablespoons of flax oil in her juice.  It works very quickly and I use it a few times per week just for consistency so that she doesn't become constipated.  She never complains that her belly hurts or that it hurts coming out because the stool becomes softened and comes out easily.  I hope this helps!!
No, I haven't found anyone yet....still in the looking process.  Let me know if you know of someone!  Thanks!
Thank you! I am eagerly awaiting your input into that technique! We are still just avoiding and trying to get an appointment with someone in Massachusetts!
Thank you! I agree Tanyalynn, DD probably won't ever be eating gluten, but she tested for dairy,eggs, some nuts, so I wanted to try something so at least she could eat some of that!
Hi! Has anyone had any experience with a gluten allergy and using NAET? My DD is 4 and I suspect leaky gut as well as the gluten allergy that has been confirmed via a blood test. I am skeptical about NAET, but if it works, I'll be thrilled! Thanks! Looking forward to hearing about it!
I believe that they are both fine with that!
We're really happy with Nashaway Pediatrics in Sterling! Very friendly staff, great pedi and the waiting area and exam rooms are super clean!!!
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