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Baby Alana was born at home on 9/26, 7 lbs, 10 ounces, 20 1/2 inches. It was a short but intense 4 hour labor and was extremely emotional. I just about gave up during pushing although it was probably only 5 or 6 pushes. My midwife barely made it, but her birth assistant and my doula were there, along with my supportive sister and my mom who was watching DS. H made it for pushing and actually tried being supportive in the moment. I had her at home in bed in the...
One of my bright spots is also getting to name the baby without any negotiating or compromising. Good for you for trying to find a bright spot. Being pregnant without a supportive partner can be so hard and emotional.
I had the same problem with leukocytes and my MW told me to start taking D-Mannose. I've been taking it every day for months and haven't had any more problems with the leukocytes. Check it out.
I'm still here at 40 +3. DS's birthday is 9/28, I'm really hoping this bean chooses another day. And I know how frustrating it must be that your DHs aren't checking their phones frequently enough but I'm still jealous. Doing this with a H/stbx who left us at 5 months preggo sucks.
The subject says it all. My due date came and went today and I wasn't expecting to have baby before then. I'm thinking about finishing out the week at work, at least half days, and think I'm not going to go back next week if the baby doesn't come over the weekend. Anyone else out there still working up to or after their due date?
My H is the same. His view that the child support amount is unfair and the law doesn't apply to him is the only sticking point in our separation agreement. He's been moved out for months and I haven't seen any CS yet.
Thanks Lorrie. I will definately try breastmilk on the burn when it comes in. I am so aggravated about that situation but trying to focus on DS's recovery instead of being angry that it happened. I think I may tell a few people at work right before I go out and they can spread the word, and then they all have a few months and it will be old news by the time my maternity leave is up. I mean, how do you even bring that up in conversation? I really don't want to...
I apologize in advance for hijacking. Cytotec is much less safe than cervadil, even for women who are not attempting VBAC. The pill must be cut up into pieces before being inserted. However, there is no magic that makes each quarter have the same amount of active ingredient. So your "quarter pill" could have closer to the full dosage for ulcers and the other three "quarters" might have mostly inert ingredients. This is not a safe way to administer drugs. In...
It seems like everything is coming to a head. DS burned his hand last week on H's hot motorcycle exhaust while I was at work. H called me an hour later when DS was still screaming crying and inconsolable and I left work to get him. It blistered overnight and he was in a lot of pain. Anyway, went to the ped the next day and today and the palm sized blister popped and she had to cut away the dead skin and I've got a referral for the pediatric burn clinic on Wednesday. ...
I'm not sure why it's on the no list either. I used them with DS with the slowest flow nipple. although we didn't introduce it until 2+ months when I was preparing to go back to work and he never had nipple confusion. Dr Browns also has glass bottles if you like that sort of thing.
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